Friday, 21 October 2016

At last it's started!!

The workmen arrived this week at last, brilliant. 

But how did this all start?

At the beginning of May a car parked in front of my house and stayed, and stayed and stayed  for seven weeks.  I contacted the police to see if they could get it removed, but they said that it was fully taxed and therefore it could not be removed and the owner lived in the "vicinity".  In the UK if your car is taxed you can park in front of anyone's house unless the kerb is dropped to allow access or there are any other restrictions.  I had none of these in front of my house so they couldn't help.

However, I did discover that the car was due to have an MOT test and this meant it would have to go to a garage for testing and while it was away I parked my car - SORTED!!  It was driven back to my road and parked further up though.  I couldn't risk this happening again so I decided that I would turn my front garden into a parking area and have the kerb dropped at the same time.  This takes time (five weeks) as a licence is required from the County Council and the builders had to contact FIVE service providers; gas, electricity, water, cable TV, telephone.

But at long last they are here and working
Lovely son cut down the hedge and knocked down the wall but hedge
is sprouting in the meantime!

Path being dug up

Digger making short work of the stumps
They arrived on Wednesday morning just after I had got out of the shower and I greeted them in my dressing gown.  They moved my car for me and ever since then I seem to have been making cups of tea and providing biscuits but the work is moving on and they have been so polite and helpful.
A digger in the front garden!  Oh little Will would love this.
Getting there
The 'Terram' has been laid
More hardcore required

Well today they have finished the pavement and the tarmac is laid, but the parking area is still ongoing.

I will update as and when.

Meanwhile on the crafty side I went to the re-opening of a local craft warehouse, Colemans and bought this unusual crochet 'fibre' just on a whim!!
I decided to make a bowl and though I found it quite hard on the fingers it did not take long to make.  It felt as if I was using 'raffia', but the amazing thing is that at the end you spray it with water to shape it!!
The finished bowl

Anyway, Mini Mania for October beckons; anyone know how to make 'Joseph's Coat'?  I have seen many variations so will have to gamble which one is right!!


  1. Great news on the driveway! Did they clear the regrowth for you?

  2. Great news about the drive, that will put a stop to folk parking for long periods outside your house. I am have finished my Joseph's coat, but beginning to wonder if I have the correct pattern 😱😱