Saturday, 3 June 2017

A bit of this and a bit of that!

Towards the end of May the 50+ Adventure Club had an outing to Sywell Aviation Museum as we do take part in some cultural visits!  What a lovely evening it was and though it is only about 10 miles from home I have never visited the site, though I have passed it many times in the car.  The Aviator Hotel, where we met was built in the 1930s in the Art Deco style which is one of my favourites.

We went through the hotel to reach the Museum which is housed in a series of Nissen Huts and I got the impression that they just add more (if they can find them) as the museum expands.
The Hawker Hunter

After looking round the museum we were particularly thirsty as it was a very hot evening and so we sat outside the hotel having a drink and watching various small planes landing and taking off.  We saw this powered parachute take off and flyaway and then it flew back, turned off the engine and floated down with a text book landing.
It reminded me of my own, but tandem, parachute jump that I did in January 2006 on an intensely cold and frosty morning.
Head first out of the plane

Sky diving
Parachute open - phew!!
Gently down

Note that my legs are longer than his and this was the result -
a heap on the ground
But I was soon up and getting a hug from him
Left to right - my friend arriving and the other parachutist who took the photos

My friend (who had already done her jump) and I raised a huge amount of money for charity.

Once again another day of 'Potwashing' for the Chester Farm project and because it was a lovely sunny day we were able to put the cleaned items outside to dry.  You will notice that we use egg trays because this helps with draining the wet items.
Could these be a 'Jawbone of an Ass'?!!

This tray is interesting because it shows the bag it came in underneath and this has a code on it that will correspond to a location on the site map.  The tray has oyster shells that may have been both seawater and freshwater and there is also a piece of charcoal.

Here is another interesting 'find'.  Top left (the very dark bone) is a piece of bone that is blackened round the edges indicating that it had been cooked over a fire and then it may have been gnawed.  The middles part is still quite wet from washing hence the darker colour in the middle.

A Roman 'pie dish' but turn it over and there was this lovely pie crust edging underneath

clearly blackened from cooking.  Finally a piece of glazed Medieval pot that had a beautiful lustre to it.

In July I am leading a 'box making' project for Higham Piecemakers so yesterday friend L and I set out early for Hertford to look at what Pinflair had to offer.  We went via the A1M and I had just mentioned that this was a good road with little traffic and few hold ups when we stopped in a traffic jam.  After consulting our phones we could see there was a accident and after a short wait we carried on.  At this point I was talking so much that I missed my turn off and suddenly we stopped again.  This time it was engines off, windows and doors open and drivers wandering around.  It was about 10.30am and our phones said the accident would clear by 3.00pm!!!  I have to say that L was a steadying influence because on my own I would have been very impatient and angry as I hate queues of traffic.  Luckily after about an hour we started off very slowly past an accident on our side of the road and another fatality on the other side of the dual carriageway.  So sad for the family of the motor cyclist who had been killed.

We reached Hertford and did our business at Pinflair and walked a short distance into the town centre where we had lunch and afterwards admired this town house
The Old Verger's House built in 1450

Thank goodness for Blue Plaques!

While we were having lunch in the café garden a huge iridescent insect flew by and settled in the box hedging and I managed to grab a picture of it.
Head down I think

It was much more iridescent than this shows and I have no idea what species of bug it is.  Any answers will be considered!!

Well our Mini Manias for May were revealed.  I showed a sneaky peek in the last blog but here is the finished article.
Tumbling blocks

The blocks were pieced over papers but once finished I used Invisible Machine Applique learnt at a Dawn Cameron Dick workshop and a technique that I love working with.

This months theme is strips, either 1 ½" or 2", with a minimum of 4 in a block.  I am getting some ideas just must find time to put them into practice.

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  1. I too love the art deco style & think there are ideas in it's geometric look for patchwork. Oh, you're so much braver than me, as I'd never jump from an aeroplane. It's taken me a long time to relax up in the air on flights to UK. Lots of finds at Chester Farm again. The mini mania block is gorgeous & can't wait to see what you come up with for this month. Take care.