Thursday, 26 November 2015

Secrets and finishes

So near to Christmas and still working hard to get items ready.  I have worked hard on my smocking and this is all I can show you as it is a secret!!
Blocked smocking
Took this to show teacher Jo and was told that I had not blocked it properly so I have had a retry but cannot show more at this stage, so watch this space!!

Mini mania Churn Dash block is finished and this is all I can show you because the big reveal is not until the end of November.

I can show you my embroidery that is progressing slowly.  I go to two classes a month and we all do our own 'thing' and after all the delicate sewing I have done in the past I thought I would have a go at Mountmellick but I am not enjoying it very much.  However I am learning new stitches which is interesting.

In July 2015  ....

and now in November!

I am getting there slowly and my latest 'new' stitch is Wheatear Stitch that you can see on the extreme right and also where I am outlining with chain stitch in the centre.  I have also done Coral Stitch, Bullion Knots that look like little maggots, French Knots, Whipped Chain Stitch and Herringbone Stitch.  A long way to go but I will make progress over Christmas!!

This weekend I am going on a proper Christmas wreath making workshop using all sorts of evergreens and anything else I fancy using so I will be able to let you see it next week.  Very excited about this.

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  1. Hmmm, I think I have a book on Montmellick Embroidery, I will have to look it out.

    Looking forward to the wreath making myself