Friday, 20 November 2015

Victories and disasters!!

This week has been mixed with highs and lows.  I have finished two items and am having a disaster with something else.

However first let me show my Apple Chutney which is absolutely delicious. 
This recipe came from a friend's Parish Newsletter and has raisins and dates in it and I cannot officially start eating it until Christmas as it has to mature.  This will be difficult because it looks so good.

In my last post I was working on a fabric Christmas Wreath and I have now finished mine.  I have enjoyed making it and have adapted it to my personal taste.  If you go to the Higham Piecemaker's blog there are plenty of photos from the group with so many different ideas.
Hanging inside the front door
I have used different ribbons folded into prairie points round the edge and my Dorset buttons in the centre as I wanted something to fill the space.  I did think of crocheting a Robin but didn't think it would fit in with the design because I wanted it plain and simple.

For what seems like months (it was actually!) I have been making Attic 24's Cosy Stripe blanket and at last it is finished.  I did change the edging because I didn't think I had enough wool to concentrate on one colour per round so I used it all and I love it. 
Lucy has such an eye for colour and they all blend so well. I can do this with patchwork because I have been sewing for so long, but cannot always get the toning right with knitting wools.  It is soooo warm!!  It will keep my poor old bones warm in the winter months.

Before I mention the disaster I must show you a photo of my very clever grandson -

He has TWO, yes two Blue Peter badges.  Apologies to anyone not in the UK, you will not have a clue why this is so important but everyone here was brought up with Blue Peter.  He was awarded one badge for writing a review of the programme and suggesting someone who should be invited onto the programme.  The other one was for doing a drawing.  He was so proud and even wore them to bed!!

And so to the disaster!  It is the medlar jelly and what has really upset me is that I had picked over 2kgs of the fruit.  I made it on Sunday according to the recipe I used last  year and when I looked at it on Monday morning it had not set.  So back into the pan with some pectin, that has always worked in the past and it had still not set when it was cold on Wednesday.  What to do - more pectin?  So I bought some more today and tried again.  I have only got four jars now from all that fruit and it is runny and I don't know what to do.
Looks good but it will pour out of the jar.
Any ideas??  On this sorry note I close the blog and may take up drink to compensate for this failure!!!!

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  1. Have you thought about adding your Medlar jelly to your drink? You never know you could be inventing a cocktail. Well done on completing the blanket and the chutney. Cingrats to your grandson, he now can get free entry into lots of places with that Blue Peter badge....