Saturday, 19 March 2016


I have been up for hours this morning as I write my blog.  Why?  Well today I was going to do the Crazy Hats walk at Wicksteed Park and had to meet up with the rest of my group before 9.30am.  Then I picked up my envelope of information and re-read it and realised it is tomorrow!!  Oh no, another early morning and all my own fault, because it is on my calendar for tomorrow and I have had it fixed in my pea brain for today!!

Anyway chores have been done and so after writing this I can disappear into the studio and finish off a project I would like to get sewn before Easter weekend.

It has been a particularly busy week as I have had to tidy the garden up after winter even though I found it quite cold.  Cleaned out the pond -

which had fallen apples bobbing in it, from next door's tree.  I also brought up some old leaves off the bottom and this pile will now go on the compost heap, BUT look closer at the pond; it has now got a green slime with an oily film on the top.  I have no idea what to do so any help would be appreciated!!!

I have this lovely Hellebore but wish it's head didn't hang down as it is so pretty

This week has been the big reveal of the Christmas 2015 Challenge for Higham Piecemakers.  We were given a fat quarter of fabric (mine was white) and a clock mechanism and have it finished by 14 March.

What to do?  I usually come up with ideas fairly quickly, but this time my 'little grey cells' would not engage.  Then suddenly at my smocking class in January I saw a quilt hanging on the wall at Poppy Patch in readiness for the Helen Spence workshop on 5 April and so, with apologies to Helen, this gave me an idea -

I set my block into a circle of fabric and machined the Roman numerals.  Why did I use these - well they are all straight lines and I could do them quickly!!

I had already decided to have it framed professionally and what a wonderful job they made of it -

I love it and it keeps good time, so that is a bonus.
Do look at the Higham Piecemakers blog to see all the clocks; they are all beautiful and original and I feel proud to belong to such a creative group!


  1. Can't help with the oily look to your pond, but well done on Venturing into the garden in such a dull week. Love your clock, and it was a very useful challenge

  2. I love the clock! I think the oily film may be something to do with frisky frogs. Ours is undisturbed, but i can see a fine film on it.