Sunday, 13 March 2016

Crashes and squares

I have had a bad week, computer wise.  I spend quite a lot of time on my computer writing my blog, catching up with friends, downloading and editing photos and I am Secretary of two groups, so when it 'goes down' or doesn't work it makes me want to throw it out of the window!!  I struggled on thinking that every day it would revert to normal, but no such luck.

Luckily I have a brilliant nephew who advised me what to do, so yesterday I spent nearly all day sorting it out and it is now working properly, thank goodness. and I am happy again!

In between these techy issues I have been working on various projects in my Studio.  But first I must show you this

that I bought at Textiles in Focus Show that I blogged about here, but what am I going to make with it?  I have absolutely no idea why I bought it, but I will wait until something comes to mind.  Any ideas??

However the main project has been my Harmony Squares Blanket from Attic 24

that I started a month ago.  126 granny squares have to be made and from the very start I realised that I had to be organised. 
The last square still needs 8 more to make the set!!
Fourteen different coloured squares have to be made nine times so I decided to work through each one nine times and when each set was finished it was put into a plastic bag and I wrote it's letter on it - oh and I darned in each of the 'ends' as I finished each coloured round as this was the most tedious part of the whole process.
Nearly finished

I have kept all the bags in the new basket that I bought -

 So now to join them all together!!  I will be starting this today, so concentration is required.

On Monday and Wednesday next week is the BIG REVEAL for the Higham Piecemakers Christmas 2015 Challenge so watch that space.  Mine is finished, but I have to admit I was severely lacking in creative juices and it took me ages to decide what to make, but I am pleased with the outcome.

My own Mini Mania March number challenge that I set is progressing quicker than I thought it would and here is a sneaky peek -
This square is still a 'work in progress'
I have also started another project that dates back to 1971, but more about this in a later blog, if I can work it out!!


  1. Love the colours in your blanket, and that silk yarn is sooooo pretty !

    And the numbers game............ hmmmmmm

  2. Wow, that is going to be one stunning blanket! My computer and I also have a love hate relationship, glad yours is now behaving again xx