Saturday, 2 April 2016

Easter and beyond

Easter Sunday went by very quickly and started with an Easter egg hunt.  Suddenly my grandson shouted "Granny, you have a frog and frogspawn in your watering can!"  I didn't see how that could have occurred as the said watering can just sits on the patio and collects a few inches of rainwater, but he was right and here are the photos to prove it!!

We decided that the 'frog' should be removed and as I lifted it out by the pond I realised that it was far too big and was actually a toad. It waddled off but the children were worried that it might want to stay with its spawn so this was erected -
to allow it to return done the pole!!  The toad spawn is still there and I am keeping an eye on it.
We went down to see the trains run at the station and saw the Easter Bunny Special -
and the children had their photos taken with him
while I admired this little train -
that was built for shunting and is not all that old.

We finished that afternoon with a visit to the park where it started to rain and there was a rainbow!

On Wednesday I drove down to see my 'Kent' family, even though I had seen them over the weekend as a special trip was planned.  Guess where we were going!!

Just a hint -

Typically, we were delayed 30 minutes
We were up very early on Thursday, followed by breakfast at the terminal and then through the tunnel to Calais, where we drove to Cité Europe and shopped for children's clothes and then dived into Carrefour for French bread, cheeses and wine!!!  What a great store it is.

By this time lunch was needed for all of us so we drove to Wissant and had delicious tartines (French open sandwiches) and a gentle walk round the centre of the town.
The Mairie or Town Hall

A monument to the fallen of World War 1 

The church of St Nicholas undergoing refurbishment

Hotel Normandy (beautiful architecture)

 By this time we needed a coffee/ice cream so popped into café on the square.  My son ordered for the children - two ices and two café noir - and I asked for an Americano.  What arrived for me was a cocktail of some sort and as it was three in the afternoon I dread to think what they thought of me - some lush perhaps who needed a drink!!!  I did NOT drink it but got my black coffee.

Then onto the beach where kites were flown in the very strong cold wind -

The beach and Cap Gris-Nez in the distance

Cap Gris-Nez

A shelled house from the war?
By this time it was getting quite late and there was still more shopping to do but not before my son drove to Haringzelle for me to see these -

Notice the big railway gun in the background

Batterie Todt
Both my son and I are interested in these bunkers that are all along this stretch of the coast.

After another shopping trip we then headed back to Eurotunnel for the journey home after a very full day and two tired little girls.  It was a brilliant day out.

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  1. It's great that we can just pop over to France! There are so many interesting spots on that coastline.