Friday, 15 April 2016

Harmony ....

I have had a busy week with another 'Land Conservation' visit to Chester Farm but this time we were chipping the wood cleared on another occasion.
All protective gear being worn but not by me!

It was my job to remove all the chippings and lay them through the woods -
Follow the yellow brick road  ....!

to show the general public where to go.  The site is opening to the public from 1 May and though very basic at the moment, there will be improvements through the year.

Incidentally the slope that you can see in these two photos is where the Roman wall was.  It is a huge rabbit warren and they can dig down and cause all sorts of problems in the underground structure.

This same evening I returned with a group from the 50+ Adventure Club and we walked the grounds with the Archaeologist and the Senior Manager of the project and as usual I learnt more about this so very interesting site. 

Next Monday I am going on a fruit tree pruning course in the  Chester Farm orchard and there are some quite interesting trees planted by the Victorians.  While we were lunch some of the volunteers were talking about 'American Mother' and it took me a while to realise that this is one of the apple varieties in the orchard!!  Never heard of it before but I shall update you next week on this.

I wrote about starting my Harmony Blanket here and at last it is finished.
Remember all these squares

Obviously these are joined together in strips and the strips are joined and finally I crocheted a border and here is the 'ta dah' moment ....

wait for it ....

I was very interested to see that lines have developed

that I hadn't expected.

So what to crochet next?  Well I have some items to make, but have decided that as all my crochet to date has been done with double knitting wools and large hooks, I should have a go at something delicate and that is as much as I will tell you at the moment.

Oh and I have finished my Mountmellick embroidery and started another embroidery project, but I will show you all that another time.


  1. Your blanket is bril....colours lovely sure you are very proud......watching this space for the next project

  2. You have been busy, both inside and out! The basket and throw are gorgeous xx

  3. Your blanket is beautiful, well done X