Monday, 18 July 2016

Frustration and Demolition!

Not all of us in the UK live in large houses; some of us like me have a small house and it was built back in the 1950s when car parking in front/beside your house was not the norm.   I have to park in the road outside my house so imagine my frustration when during the first weekend in May a car parked outside my house AND stayed there.  I contacted the police who said I had no way of getting it moved because it had all the necessary legal requirements for being on the road and though it did not belong to anyone in my road the owner lived in the 'vicinity'!

However in these days of the Internet by putting in the car's registration I could find out some information - whether it was taxed and when the MOT was due which was 6 July 2016.  Brilliant - it had to go to the garage for that and the car duly disappeared so I could park once again outside my house.

In the meantime I was exploring other avenues to get rid of it and decided that I needed a dropped kerb so now I am in the process of applying for one.

This weekend my younger son came to help and this is what we have done -
Front garden in May

Nearly all gone
I have kept the tree, but the wild flower meadow, hedge and wall have all gone -
An overflowing skip!

Whilst the chainsaw was around I raised the canopy of my bay tree

as the bushes around were being swamped.  The bay tree was planted as a small 6 inch plant in 1999 and has just grown!!  I don't know how it got so big; maybe I should have trimmed it more.

From 16-31 July it is the Festival of Archaeology so I shall be at Chester Farm today, working round the old farm buildings.  I haven't been on this part of the farm for sometime so it will be interesting to see what has been found.  Will it be something Roman, Medieval, or Victorian; it's s exciting!!


  1. It's not only houses built a few years ago that have parking problems, they are now building developments where roads are so narrow ( why have space for cars when you could fill it with houses and make more profit) that any visitor has major problems and God forbid if you need emergency vehicles. Do you think we are getting grumpy old folk 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Look forward to your new frontage next time we visit 😄

  3. a lot of heavy work there - well done!!

    Yes, I think that Bay tree was WELL overdue a haircut !!!

  4. you have been very busy. It will be worth it to get your car off the road. well done

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