Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Hard digging

As I mentioned in the last post I have been back at Chester Farm doing archaeological work.  Last week I was in a group excavating at the bottom of a wall.  We found the first pieces of broken glass which were put in the 'finds' tray.  Next was a neck piece of a bottle with 'North' written on it and finally the top and screw stopper with 'NBC' written on - the Northampton Brewery Company!  Not that old after all but a piece of social history.

This is the final week of 'digging' before the contractors come in and start clearing some of the site during August. 

In the picture below the barns in the background will be pulled down.  One of the ladies was excavating the lines of stones you can see in the foreground.

It is thought that these were originally cart tracks that were filled in when they got too deep.  This is the type of fine detail that has to be undertaken on a dig before it is all covered over.  It also adds more information about the history of the site.

Most of the volunteers were working on the main driveway -
Note the stone well in the middle.

I myself was working on a line of ironstone stones that ran across the driveway, at an angle.
Our wheelbarrow is on the right hand side
It was hard, tough, digging with the trowel, as the soil round the stones was very compacted and dry and though there were four of us working on it we all found it hard going.  However by the end of the day it was looking good (no picture - too tired!) and the resident archaeologist was pleased.  Still more to dig out but we had done our stint for the day. 

As the house is at the bottom of a drive there would be extra drainage added to stop flood water entering the house, so was it either part of a Roman road or a soakaway for rainwater;  I shalln't know until I return later this week.

Though I am not allowed to show a picture of it, the 'find' of the week was a bronze Roman ladies hairpin about 8" long and it caused a great deal of excitement.

For relaxation at home and trying not to think about my aching bones, I have been making my 'Mini Mania' for July and it is nearly finished.  This month we have to make 'Seminole', that is a technique I quite  enjoy but would I manage to get anything made during a very busy month?  Well it is nearly complete
and quite small!  I may not get it finished off this month but the top will be completed on time - I hope.

BUT my shawl was finished last night and I have to block it today.  Show you next time.


  1. Shame you couldn't share the Hairpin..

    Well done on finishing your shawl, and for getting the Mini Mania ticked off too !

  2. Well done on the mini, it certainly looks small