Monday, 29 August 2016

Is summer nearly over?

The summer holiday is almost over in the UK, and the children will be going back to school in another week or so.  I lay in bed this morning thinking what a long month August has been and it has not come to an end yet!  I have deliberately kept my calendar as clear as possible so I could have a 'staycation' at home, after my French holiday.  I have done very little sewing, embroidery or crochet, but have read, watched the Olympics and done some gardening and I have really enjoyed it.

Last week I had grandchildren, B and E, to stay for a couple of nights and we had a great day at Irchester Country Park.  As the children are now 10 and 6 they could try the Adventurer course in the Jungle Parc and they loved it -

 so much so that I couldn't get B of it as he wanted to keep going round and round!  They have different courses according to age/height so he was able to go high up. 
Next day we went down to the Adventure Course at Stanwick Lakes.  We got there early as the it was a beautiful morning and I knew it would get busy very quickly.
The 'sluggish' River Nene in the foreground, gravel pits in the background

I loved seeing this small family -

but by 10.30am we were in the café so I could have a coffee and they had ice creams and then home as the site was packed.

I have been to crochet group and decided to make one of these -
A string bag!!

If you are of a certain age this will take you back!!  Actually it was made from rug wool which the group has been given in abundance and is brilliant as it doesn't stretch too much.  I adapted the top to give me longer and thicker handles.  Should be useful when I visit Yarndale at the end of September.

Mini Mania is due to be finished on Wednesday and all I remembered was that it had to be three Dresden Plates and small, so two days ago I drew my sizing's, selected the fabric and got going.  I will say that, as usual, anything I make from my own patterns never seem to work very well and this was no exception so after a false start I got going.
Is this small enough??

And this is as far as I have got so onwards and upwards.  It will be finished on time!


  1. You are so adventurous I am surprised you weren't joining your grandchildren in the tree tops 😳😳. Maybe because we have had a sunny few weeks our sewing mojos have disappeared with the clouds 😅😅

    1. I have done the adult course but prefer Go Ape!! I had to stay with the children and it was a lot cheaper

  2. Looks like the Grandchildren had a great time. Stanwick lakes looks glorious