Thursday, 8 September 2016

My enthusiasm has returned!!

At last after a long wait my enthusiasm has returned after deserting me during August.  I was going to write 'mojo' but I thought I would check what it actually meant and guess what it means -  'libido' which is not quite what I meant!!!!

During August I didn't do much sewing, crochet or anything at all but suddenly it has returned.  I completed my 'mini mania' for August -
Three Dresden plates

The second was supposed to be half the size of the first but things never go quite right for me and so it was only slightly smaller!  September's Mini Mania is Flying Geese which I don't think I have ever done before.

I am completing another set of items for Wrap Pyjama Fairies and have bought lots of fabric to start making gowns/pyjamas with a new pattern for teenagers.  I find making these garments very therapeutic and hope that in some small way, I am helping them with their stay in hospital.

The weather has been good lately, but Monday's Nordic walk started in a fine drizzle so we had waterproof jackets on.  However it soon became apparent that we would get very hot, so off they came and eventually the misty drizzle cleared. 
No movement in the 'sluggish' River Nene

We pressed on and came to one of our favourite bridges.  Why 'favourite' - well we cannot cross it, but with the ongoing building of Rushden Lakes we are hoping that instead of being a "Bridge to nowhere" it will become a "Bridge to somewhere".

This photo was taken through a slit in the boarding which has gone up to stop anyone trying to cross.

Tuesday was my 'Will' day in Bedford and we had a trip to the park.  This 2 year old little boy is absolutely fearless and loves the 'wobbly bridge' and runs across with no problem, while it sways and bumps up and down.

This slide was very high, yet he scrambled up the cargo net, climbed a wooden ladder, got to the top and whizzed down.  I was terrified as I could only watch all this going on!!
 Finally today I cut the grass, watered and fed the tomatoes in the greenhouse and decided that I had to write this blog!!  Oh and I picked my first Aubergine (eggplant) - now what shall I make.  Still three more on the plant - best year ever.  The Pepper (capsicum) plant is going well and I have had one so far and still more to come.
Very rude tomato at the front

The little orange tomatoes are Sungold and are delicious.  They never get to the house as I stand eating them straight off the vine!  I bite them and get an absolute zing in the mouth.  Highly recommend.

Tomorrow is crochet group where I will continue with my very, very difficult cardigan, but more about that in another blog.

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  1. It is good to take a break from making - I must remember NEVER to use Mojo again!! Don''t want anyone to get an idea !!

    I have crossed that bridge many many times and wonder now why we ever attempted it!