Friday, 16 September 2016


Monday morning was quite warm and sticky when we set out on our Nordic walk in Stanwick Lakes and we decided to see how the sloes were coming on.  This route takes us through the Adventure playground (no children - they were at school), along beside the River Nene and past the lock and sluice attached to it.  What's this ahead?  A huge expanse of green duckweed, old bull rushes, tin cans and rubbish were backed up against the floats protecting the sluice and lock.  It looked so horrendous that even moorhens were able to walk over it.  The canoe portage was cut off by the mess.

Two men in orange jackets were peering into the sluice.  Well we are a nosey group so this had to be explored and they were checking the bridgework over the sluice.  I complained about the messy river and they told us that divers were coming and would be informed.

DIVERS - I had visions of fully kitted men with helmets and oxygen on their backs, but we decided to come back later in the walk and see them; so that is what we did.

We passed three Environment Agency vans and one divers van and this is what greeted us.
How many men does it take to look at a sluice?

The divers were diving -
- in hard hats and standing on the bottom!!!!

But look at the green duckweed - they had opened the gates and the rubbish was clear and all the duckweed was going downstream. 
The 'roaring' River Nene

Well done to them for clearing it all up and why was all this inspection going on - because Stanwick Lakes want to install a water turbine to generate electricity for the Visitor Centre!!

That same afternoon I had to go to Cambridge to collect my grandchildren from school, but we were doing a detour via The Leys School because the Davis Cup was still on its tour of the UK.

The children were not as excited by it as me but agreed to a photo (no faces because I have learnt how to do this).  This is the second time I have seen it and I am still as pleased to see it.  It is still touring and on Monday 100+ children turned up to play tennis.  It has to be good for the tennis legacy.

I am pleased to say that I have now gained my full 'fairy wings' from Pyjama Fairies so my work is up to standard and I could make up orders if I wanted.  However I prefer to make for stock - not so much stress.  Hope to make more garments over the weekend and start my Flying Geese Mini Mania - no pressure then.

I shall not be blogging again until after Yarndale which is a week away - so excited and I feel I might be spending money.  Yippee for Yarndale.


  1. Pretty photos! Enjoy the weekend ♥


  2. I hope the weather holds for your trip to Yarndale, and you enjoy the whole weekend I am sure it will be a lot of fun