Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A reunion

Last week I started a new course of training with Chester Farm - 'Finds Marking'.  Every single 'find' that is dug up on the site has to be marked and recorded on a database and as this was our first day of training we had to practice writing very small and very neatly.  This does not come easily to me as my writing is not particularly neat or small but I had a go.  After practising for a while I went to collect my first bag for marking  and immediately recognised 'him'.
Remember this horse's head?

I blogged about this here, so imagine my surprise when it reappeared for marking and I swiftly said I would do it as it felt like an old friend.
Teeny tiny writing underneath

Ready to go back into storage
Ever single item in a 'finds' bag has to be marked, down to the smallest piece, as each piece is part of a bigger picture of the site.
A bag of animal bones all marked

We also marked bags of pottery which can be very monotonous.  On this occasion we didn't enter anything on the database - that will come next time.

What a dreadful day on Monday; it rained from dawn to dusk with some very heavy downpours thrown in.  My morning Nordic Walk was cancelled the evening before after seeing the  weather forecast - all blue over the East Midlands!

However days like this do have silver linings as I headed for my studio to finish something crafty started on Sunday.

Appliqué is the subject of the November Mini Mania and we have to use a 'creature and a plant'.  Well here is a sneaky peek of the finished item
A 'Christmas Rose' perhaps?

Once this was finished I started on a new Christmas bauble that I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show -Narcissa and I love it.
A long way to go

Nearly there
and finally, thanks to a wet and cold afternoon -

The finished bauble
I fancy making some more!!


  1. Just waiting to see the finished Christmas rose and love the bauble

  2. Those bones look very organised! and so many! Love the bauble. great sneaky peek of your mini!