Wednesday, 30 November 2016


It all started last March when I mentioned to my younger son that I wanted to visit my cousin in Florence, Italy.  I last saw her at her father's funeral some 20+ years ago and as I get older I feel that I don't want to meet cousins at each other's funerals!!!  Son immediately said "Why don't I run the Florence Marathon at the end of November" and that is what happened, except along the way, son's brother in law also wanted to do the marathon as well.

So off I flew last Thursday, as the first part of the group, arrived at the 'Air bnb' apartment we had booked and was delighted that we were very, very, close to the Ponte Vecchio.
Our apartment is on 2nd floor of block on right

Outside our window was this 'windmill' art installation which appeared very popular.
Back of the Ponte Vecchio
All jewellers shops and tourists
That evening I was meeting my cousin at her apartment for a meal and we never stopped talking and catching up.  What a lovely evening.
Next morning was spent looking around and getting my bearings. (Lots of photos to follow)

Ponte Santa Trinita from Ponte Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio

Galleria degli Uffizi

Statue (copy) of David by Michelangelo outside Palazzo Vecchio

Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio

An unusual bike I saw in the street!

A typical central Florentine street

Only way to get around - a scooter

'Il Porcellino' - Piglet

The Duomo

Campanile and the dome of the Duomo

Inside the Duomo

The 24 hour clock in the Duomo

Inside the Duomo
Though not a Catholic I have been in many Catholic churches abroad and have been amazed at the decorations, but this cathedral was very austere inside.   
The apartment was very close to

and I realised that if I needed to know "how much" I couldn't afford to shop there!!
The 'boys' registered for the Marathon at the 'Expo'

and once again I did the touristy bit with them and in the evening we met up with my cousin for a meal and I snapped night photos.
Ponte Vecchio at night

Christmas lights in the main shopping area

I popped up on various places on the marathon course, but only saw my son once to cheer him on, but both of them did well with 'brother in law' getting a personal best and son overcoming an injury and finishing well at just under 4 hours - his 60th marathon!  He had completed 50 marathons by his 40th birthday and wants to complete 100 by the time he is 50, so he is well on course.
A group of runners outside the Apartment, going off to the start close by
On Monday morning my son and I had a quick walk in the Oltrarno district on the other side of the river Arno before leaving for home.
Palazzo Pitti
Wedding cakes in a shop window
Porta Romano

For myself -  I met my cousin again after 25+ years, completed my Christmas shopping and visited a lovely Italian city that I had last been to 50 years ago when newly married.  What a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Florence looks beautiful - lucky recipients of your Christmas shopping if they were the establishments that you visited 😉