Friday, 16 December 2016

""Nothing to laugh at, at all.....!"

The title of this blog is regularly paraphrased in my family and goes back to my childhood when we had a 78rpm record of Stanley Holloway singing about 'Albert and the Lion' and it is how I have felt lately.  Nothing that would be interesting to blog about; you don't want to hear all about the Christmas or 'bring and share' lunches that I have been to or how like a beached whale I have felt after all this eating, or the mundane things I have done. 

However after nearly three weeks I must write something or you might think that I don't care!!

Since the last blog, I have had the reveal on our November Mini Mania, which was an appliqued item with a creature and a plant.

I love this picture which I have used before and added the Christmas Rose and holly.  I have always called the technique backside applique because though the fabric is layered up on the right side the picture is on the back.  I have used it many times and very intricate pictures can be sewn.  We have two months for the next Mini Mania to be completed; 'House and Home' - a minimum of 5  buildings in a street.

Last weekend was spent with my eldest son in Kent.  His brother and family joined us as we are not meeting for Christmas this year (both at their in-laws), presents were exchanged and I had a splendid but busy time.  After attending the local school Christmas Fayre, where my son won the 'Barrow of Booze' we all went to a Roller Disco on Saturday night.  I did not skate but my grandchildren loved it -
Grandson's first time and looking good
Next morning we all went for a walk in the woods

and this was the destination -
The rubber tyre swing over the stream
We had to drag the children away as they were loving it.  I can't watch as I can only think that the rope will snap!

Back home there was a 'bring and share' picnic at our Higham Piecemakers sewing group and we received our Christmas Challenge which is always so exciting.

We were given a fat quarter of fabric and received this


that has to be turned into the Fractured Star block and then made into any item of our choice and all to be completed by early April.  I am thinking up my ideas as a write this as I like to be different; so a WIP (Work in Progress).

I am also working on a new piece of embroidery and I am knitting as well, but more about that in a later post.

Today I have been Nordic walking and we were joined by another local group

Very foggy when we set out
Fog was lifting before the end
and towards the end we crossed the river again and saw this

Narrow boating in December!!
This is my last blog for 2016, so can I wish everyone a very merry and peaceful Christmas wherever you are and I look forward to a busy 2017.  I know it will be as I have just won fabric in the Pyjama Fairies '12 days of Christmas' and it will be delivered in January!!!


  1. Lovely catchup post and although I was an ice skater for many years growing up, I couldn't roller skate. Looks like they had fun and the nordic walking I'd love. Gorgeous applique block and like you I try and think outside the obvious for challenges and I was only looking at a block similar to that fractured star last night. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year & watch for your first post of 2017. Take care.

  2. Love the appliqué block. Picture is great.
    Have a lovely Christmas, and askew Happy New Year

  3. Should have read a Sew Happy New Year. Have not been drinking!

  4. It looks like you had a busy weekend with your family! My mind is racing over both the Mini Mania and HP challenges ��
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prouctive New Year !!

  5. Sounds like you're having a wonderful festive season and that applique is gorgeous x