Thursday, 29 December 2016


Last week I had my usual Tuesday trip to Bedford to look after great-nephew, Will.  As all our normal outings were cancelled because they only happen in term time we went to the library where he did a lot of gluing, scrunching, sticking and colouring and made a Christmas wreath and card for 'Mummy'.  Just down the road I had seen a very large poster on the walls of the Panacea Society advertising the ADP Riot Tour so I took Will to have a look.  I also wanted to see into the grounds, houses and museum of the Panacea Society, which is normally closed on a Tuesday.

In the garden was the 40' container with eyeholes in the side and after obtaining a stool for Will, we had a look
Note the eyeholes at different heights
I apologise for the photos, but it was difficult to get up close with my camera.
A new citadel

The world in miniature, predicting it's end and Armageddon on Christmas Day.  For some reason Bedfordshire would survive because they are gong to build the new Citadel there!!  Wonderful conceptual artwork.

Afterwards we looked round the rooms in the houses all furnished to receive the 24 Bishops of the Church of England to open Joanna Southcott's box.
The sitting room with dining table
A bedroom fit for a bishop!

Anyway, Armageddon has been and gone and we are still here!!  I will not make any comment on others beliefs.

I spent Christmas Day with one of my nieces and woke up to this sunrise on Boxing Day

after very heavy rain overnight.  A noisy day ensued when others joined the party and copious amounts of food and drink were produced.  A good time was had by all.

I can now show pictures of the Weekend Bags that I made for my three grand-daughters and have discovered that I forgot to take any photos of them so use the link to see what they look like.  I filled them with little girl goodies.

Finally, a Happy New Year to you all and I hope that we have a peaceful one.

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  1. Sounds like a fascinating place & I'm not sure what it'd be about, so maybe I should take a look at their web page. Happy New Year & take care.