Friday, 13 January 2017

Christmas and New Year is a distant memory!

We are well and truly into January and my diary is already getting full.

My first big outing was last Saturday at the 50+ Adventure Club annual barn dance.  It is always a very popular event and this year was no exception.  We have tried a number of bands over the years but this year we had The Banana Band who were excellent and played non-stop all night.  Any band we have enjoy coming because we get up and dance from the very beginning and never stop!

We have already booked them for next year.

I was also back at Chester Farm for 'land conservation' this week but the morning was slightly different.  The unused fields attached to the farm are going to be used for livestock and so we had to walk the fields, noting hazards, broken fences and anything else that maybe required before letting them loose.  I have never been in this part of the farm before so it was very interesting and immediately I found a dead Barn Owl.  I think this was a recent death as there was no decomposition and as I had no camera with me at the time I took it back to the centre to record.  Not for the squeamish so look away now!!

What a beautiful bird
After lunch the rain which had been slight in the morning increased, but with my full waterproofs on we (there were only 2 of us) carried on clearing the ground.  I wasn't cold as I had so many layers on but my glasses needed windscreen wipers.  We saw interesting fungi
Purple pore bracket fungus

and this turns into this

This fungus turns orangey brown and then becomes stained with green from the algae. Not my own work, but information courtesy of our volunteer organiser.  However it is MY hand in the top photo wearing my very soggy gloves and her camera because at that precise moment my camera fogged up -
You can just make out my hand!

as I had been keeping it dry inside my waterproofs.  However if anyone knows what this is on the log I would love to know - is it fungus or lichen?

On the way back to base to return the equipment I noticed this man whose work must be never ending
Washing down the wheels before going onto the highway

and no wonder after this
Mud, mud, mud

A slightly different landscape now compared to the summer

Apparently the Klargester Septic tank has now been installed!!  There are also archaeologists on site, keeping one step ahead of builders, still finding more Roman pottery!

I have started a new canvas work embroidery over the Christmas holiday.  When finished it will be a little 'weight' but still a lot to do.
 I bought the large magnet at Alexandra Palace last summer
The base is a sampler to try new stitches and get the colours right

I have plenty of other items to keep me busy, sewing, knitting, smocking and crocheting so perhaps next time there will be something to show!


  1. Hope the barn owl died from natural causes. I do love birds of prey! What a lovely way to spend an evening, barn dancing, which I've not done since I was a teenager & that is a long.... time ago. Your work at Chester Farm sounds interesting & am always looking out for weird fungi & also insects to photograph too. Look forward to seeing more of your crafting as well. Take care.

  2. Such a shame about the poor Barn Owl
    Love the fungi ! They come in such beautiful colours.