Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Craftiness and a rant!!

This last weekend has been full of sewing from beginning to end and I loved it!

Firstly I completed my Mini Mania for December/January.  I have to admit that the topic was not something that I wanted to do so I was very tardy getting going and as with so many things thought "two months, that's a long time."  This is what we had to do -

House and Home
We have two months to complete a street of your choice of buildings. A minimum of any five buildings are to be made using any method you choose - pieced, foundation pieced, applique, paper pieced or a mix and match selection if you wish.

Well, I came across this lovely terrace of Georgian houses in Bedford and this gave me an idea.  I took photos and printed them onto fabric and after some free motion embroidery using net, organza and ribbon I produced this very quickly.  No binding - I just pinked and zig zagged the edges -
Priory Terrace, Bedford

I hope it passes with the group!

Friday was Smocking Class and I was in need of help!!  I have decided to make eldest granddaughter another smocked dress and I was lucky enough that one of my fellow class members had a lovely pattern for one using counter change smocking.  Ideally this should be worked on gingham but I didn't want this and I found what I was looking for in a local shop.  So after a little help from teacher J, I got going

Still a long way to go and I may need some assistance when J returns from holiday but I am happy with it so far.  I hadn't spotted the little dots round the flowers, but J did, and as they are at ½” (13mm) work as if it is gingham! 

Two weeks ago I sent off a parcel of 5 gowns/pyjamas for the charity that I support, Pyjama Fairies, that I had made from fabric I won over the Christmas period.  We have a closed Facebook page where all parcels are acknowledged on arrival and I waited to see if mine had arrived.  Well I waited, and waited ........  nothing received!!  Luckily I had posted them tracked and signed for and now 10 days later I am able to make a claim, but it doesn't do anything for my frustration with Royal Mail!!  It is such a waste of my time and their fabric.  Rant over.

Anyway another parcel is going off today with another 5 items; 4 use the lovely pink fabric that I won and the other is from my own stock.  I made these over the weekend and are ages from 2- 16years, one set of pyjamas and the rest are hospital gowns.
Please keep your fingers crossed that it arrives as I am using a different company to deliver it.

I always make garments for 'stock', but I was delighted to hear that some of my previous sent items had gone off in a hospital order so I imagine a child in hospital wearing something that I have made.  It is a lovely feeling!


  1. Well done on all your makes & such a shame that the parcel went missing. Hope all goes well with your houses. Take care.

  2. I feel a mission to find your missing PJ's comng on !
    Love how the smocking is looking now