Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Out and about

The weather seems to be improving slightly, though I would welcome a little more sun!  There are bulbs coming up in the garden and I have slight stirrings that I should be outside and tidying up ready for Spring, which is just round the corner.

Monday morning is Nordic walking and when the group met it was very frosty and cold, but I only had a short sleeve T-shirt under my light jacket because I know I will get very warm as we do set a fast pace.  The sun came out so I decided to take some photos that I found interesting.  As we got nearer to one of the Irthlingborough lakes I thought there was a different breed of bird, but we realised that they were Coots who were fluffed up and appeared to be either flirting or fighting and we weren't sure which!!
Four of them

We carried on as we had come especially to see the bridge that is being renovated to link Irthlingborough as part of the Rushden Lakes development
Not this one, but maybe?
This is looking better but we still couldn't cross

The brisk pace had slowed considerably as the paths were very, very muddy and sticky but the weather was bright

and having decided, that from a distance, this was NOT a plastic bag we stopped to have a look
Little egret

Yesterday after a drizzly start the weather in Bedford was wonderful so Will and I went walking down by the river (Ouse).  We climbed the Castle Mound,

and Will had a run round at the top.

Meanwhile I was reading historical plaques

...  and another 12  follow on telling the story
Back on the Embankment, Will loves the mosaic
An invading horde entering the town!!
 The Vikings invaded up the river

Bedford Castle
and Bedford Castle eventually declined.

It was lovely to be out in the fairly warm sunshine, but I am not sure it will last as it gets colder towards the weekend. Roll on summer.


  1. Seems like lovely days out even though it is still winter in UK. The mosaics are great. Hot, hot, hot, here for a few days. Take care.

  2. Can't wait for them to finish the western side of the Greenway so that we can do a full circle! Must go see that mosaic.