Monday, 27 February 2017

A very busy time

Have you ever had so much to do that you lie awake worrying about it wondering how you will get it all done?  I had one of those nights recently and woke up and decided I had to do them in chronological order of when they were due.  That is so sensible when you think about it; why have a sleepless night about it.

First of all I needed to go to the Chelveston Snowdrop Festival held a couple of weekends ago.  Why, because since I had my front garden dug up to park my car I needed some more Spring flowers and I believe snowdrops grow better if they are planted 'in the green'.  What a wonderful display it was and I bought some snowdrops and aconites and got them planted.
I think these were better than last year.
Lovely aconites

First job sorted from the sleepless night!!

Next - Will (who I look after on Tuesday) is going to be three in March and is having a 'big boy's bed'.  Well many years ago I bought two kits to make 'The Hungry Caterpillar' quilt.  I used one for a grandchild but the other was languishing in the cupboard, so I decided to make it for Will -

Second item done - why was I worrying!

Next a couple of small Linus quilts for Higham Piecemakers Linus Day.

The stripy fabric is from a 'ticking' sample book

Smaller one - side 1
Side 2

Mini mania needs to be made - done but cannot show it until tomorrow.

I have still got the Christmas Challenge to start (needed by Easter) and I have to make four items for Pyjama Fairies (needed by May) so the pressure is off and I can sleep better!!!

I have just been to a workshop 'Let your Overlocker (Serger) be your best friend' that I really enjoyed.  I bought mine last year

but I felt that I was only touching the surface of its uses and I was proved right.  Firstly I arrived early because we had to learn how to thread it from scratch which was a nightmare!  Now I feel more confident though I will still use the method suggested by friends, which is to join new threads to the old ones and pull them through.

We were provided with a variety of fabrics from thick woolly jumpers to lycra to have a go at overlocking and I learnt an awful lot and I want to try them out now on my own garments.

The lycra was most interesting as that can be used for swimwear and has stretch in it.  No sound of snapping threads when it was pulled just the gentle twang of the fabric, so theoretically I can now make my own swimming costume!!!!

So 'Fairy Thimble' is now back on track and is sleeping better with the pressure off.

PS - I haven't included any gardening which is now somewhat overdue!!!!


  1. No Gardening needed till the sun decides to grace us with it's presence .
    I think I would benefit from a similar workshop - I know that i don't use my over-locker to anywhere near its potential!

  2. What a sensible idea for meeting your deadlines. Hope you wrote it all down in a To Do Diary with the priorities in the right order. I'm sure your garden can wait for the warmer days, just as mine is waiting for some cooler days(giggle). Look forward to seeing if you get more use out of your overlocker. Mine has been put away, as I just don't seem to use it anymore. Have a great week, take care & sleep well.