Sunday, 19 March 2017


I have had my Cambridge grandchildren for the weekend as Mum and Dad went to London for a catch up with friends.

Yesterday I took them Orienteering at Stanwick Lakes and after purchasing the 'pack' ,which included a compass though I doubt it is impossible to get lost, we set out to find the first post on the map provided

and noticed this wonderful gnarled Willow tree

before arriving at the Iron Age house, which was a hit because of the mud outside!
A little drafty to live here!

Onto the next posts

and feet were beginning to drag so refreshment was taken before we went onto the Adventure trail.

The zip wire is always a great hit and it has been upgraded lately and zips along beautifully and easily.

There were flocks of Canada Geese flying around and, more unusually, a great many swans.  I managed to get a quick shot in of these two flying over;  we knew they were coming because of the noise the wings make in flight.  One 'bevy' (swans in flight) had about 10 - 15 birds which I have never seen before.

Finally a quick paddle around the playground!!

Today was something quite different, but again at Stanwick Lakes.
Dr Who had arrived.  This Dalek was scary because it suddenly started to move when there was no-one around and it was 'exterminating' everyone!

The Tardis was there and then the Doctors arrived and the children helped at the control panel

However as soon as these arrived
The Scarecrows

Ellie freaked out and refused to stay and so we had to go.  Never mind they might come another day.

Mini Mania for March is complete though you are only going to get a sneaky peak -

The theme is Tessellations and we can only use three colours - blue, green and orange.

My Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge 2016 is also complete but I am not showing this until after our 'reveal' in April.  Just three projects left to complete and all timebound!!  Why do I put myself under such pressure?


  1. What a fun day out. One of our younger grandsons does orienteering & loves it. Loved hearing about the birds too, though I've never seen our black swans in a bevy, just one or two at a time. Ooh, looking forward to seeing all those finishes! Have a good week & take care.

  2. Stanwick Lakes is wonderful for every body what ever age I am sure your Grandchildren loved it.Only three projects left you are doing well

  3. At least if you have a timescale you will get things done.
    I am always impressed at the facilities and improvements at Stanwick Lakes