Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I had hoped to write a bright and photo heavy blog last weekend but I am the biggest idiot ever.

Saturday dawned sunny and bright with an easterly breeze and was the day that the 50+ Adventure club were going to do the Orienteering Course at Stanwick Lakes.  I had all the packs and prizes for the teams and I waved them off at the start and returned to my car to get my walking pole and camera as I definitely wanted a walk on this glorious Spring day.  I closed the boot (US - trunk) and realised I had locked my keys in there!!!  The day went downhill after that.  I should point out that I can have the boot open with the rest of the car locked.

What to do?

- "We can run you home to pick up the spare" - Home key is on same key ring as car keys!
- "what about your spare key?" - In the boot in my handbag!
- "Who are your breakdown assistance?" - On my mobile phone in my handbag .....

and so it went on.  However with the help of staff at Stanwick Lakes I got a phone number to ring and TWO hours later they turned up. Eventually they opened the car and I got the keys back, but in the meantime the groups of Orienteers had finished the course, had had a coffee and a snack and most had gone home so the winners and losers did not get their prizes!!  I delivered them all this morning.

Yesterday's 'Will' day was sunny and warm and after going to 'Rhyme Tyme' at Bedford library he said he wanted to see the swans.  We walked along the Embankment and I noticed two eggs in a nest on an island in the river.  I zoomed in the camera and this is what we saw
"A crocodile" said Will

Wow, this walk was proving an adventure!

We dawdled in the sun in Russell Park and then headed for home.  There were traffic jams in the roads which is very unusual and I had trouble getting across with Will and we came to one where the police were in great numbers and stopping traffic.  What was going on?

"Oh it's Bedford's turn for the Edgar Mobbs Memorial rugby match and there will be a march past on the way back to the Bedford Blues Rugby Ground"  The Parachute Regiment band and members of the Mobbs family could be seen at the war memorial on the Embankment.  Will and I waited and then they came marching up the road

The 'soldiers' all looked very young and so I think they were local cadets and their boots made no sound!  Marching soldiers make a lot of noise.

My 'Moorland' blanket from Attic24 is coming along nicely and I am very pleased with it.

Last week at Higham Piecemakers we had a 'Hen' night project and here is my contribution

These 'hens' could either be place mats or turned into a table runner.  I have chosen mine as a placemat and she is such fun!!  I love the background fabric as well - A Hen Rietta Morning by Clothworks.


  1. Goodness what adventures you have.....locked out of cars and seeing crocodiles 😱😱. Love your Moreland bkanket, look forward to seeing in the flesh

  2. I have laughed as much at reading about your lock out as I did at hearing about it!
    That blanket is groooowwwwing

  3. What a time you have had,,,,,had to smile sorry Carol but can imagine the panic being locked out of the car.