Monday, 10 April 2017

Regimental drilling

Goodness me, it has been a while since I blogged, but I have been so busy!  No excuse but here goes.

The other weekend I went and played 'Footgolf' with the 50+ Adventure Club on a local course.  Now I used to play normal golf quite frequently and though never particularly good I really enjoyed it and occasionally had a good score.  Well, I was rubbish at footgolf.  Please follow this second link and you will see how it should be played.
This was the first person off the tee and the more experienced footie players amongst you will probably say that her technique is not brilliant; but neither was mine and at least she kicked the ball further than me!!  My whole game went steadily downhill from the start, but at least I didn't go in a bunker!  One person did and must have taken about 6 kicks to get out. BUT as you can see the sun was shining, we were in good company and finished the game with a meal in the clubhouse and I had to do the write-up of the activity for our newsletter because my team were bottom in the table.

What I did notice was that there were a great many teenagers/youngsters out playing the game and getting some fresh air.  Good for them.

Next day I went to Chester Farm as I was leading a guided walk during the afternoon.  We had visitors from back in time 
1639 - 1644

who had set up camp for the day.

and were showing visitors how people would have made things back in the 17th century.
Making 'lead' shot for the muskets

Not actually lead because of the Health and Safety implications of working with it, but the same technique using pewter.  The pewter is melted over a fire then poured into a mould and finally cooled on the ground.

Then the drilling started
Marching to the drummer
Getting organised
Firing their muskets - very noisy!
Drilling with pikes that are about 20 foot long
The pikemen running; quite difficult with the long pikes

It was a really interesting display and then I took my guided walk party round the site.  I think they enjoyed it.

Last week I had two finishes to show at Higham Piecemakers group.  The first was our Christmas 2016 challenge.

We had been given a fat quarter of fabric
Dreadful colour and I don't like it!

and told to make anything using a Fractured Star block.  So here is mine -
The front of the zipped bag - variation 1

The back - variation 2

The same block just a slight variation in layout and placement of fabrics and a useful bag for a class

March Mini Mania was tessellations, so the first thing was to see what that meant.  Once I got my head round it I found a number of patterns but I went for this - Snail's Trail.  We were only allowed to use three colours, blue, green and orange and personally I could have done without the green but I am pleased with the finished result.
About 10" finished

April is all about triangles and again I have found my pattern, now I must keep it small!!


  1. Interesting days out. Footgolf sounds so strange & as I've never really played either of those I'm sure I'd be rubbish too. The Chester Farm activities always sound great & interesting. I think you've done so well with the fractured star & your mini, especially when some fabrics don't appeal. As a fairly new follower, can I ask if the mini madness fabrics are your own or are they what you 'must use' too? Green, orange & blue are a difficult combination. Have a good week & take care.

    1. Normally we aren't told what colour to use but on this occasion we were. All the fabrics I use are from my stash which never seems to shrink and is vast!!! I have ben doing patchwork, quilting etc for some 25 years so I would expect that.

  2. Loved your idea for the Challenge!
    Both Golf and Football are ..... not my thing -
    so FootGolf will not get on my "To Do "list