Monday, 17 April 2017

They're back!!

Absolutely ridiculous I know, but when I saw this one I got so excited -
Please turn round!

Thank you

A few years ago I had a large flock of these on the Nyger seed on my bird table and suddenly they all left and this Goldfinch returned a few weeks ago with another one so maybe there will be young ones.  By the way this was a full container a few days ago!!

I have had a busy week since the last blog I posted.  Last weekend the whole family came to me for Sunday lunch and the grandchildren were particularly interested in this nest  found in the garden.
A blackbird's nest with egg

They loved seeing how it was made;  look at the top picture and see the thin strands of black polythene.  Where did it come from; not my garden?  There is some sheep's wool in the bottom picture.

On Friday (Good Friday) I was invited out to lunch by my son in Cambridge.  We had an excellent meal but on the way home I had to 'sing for my supper' so to speak.  "We must put the covers on the cricket pitch in case it rains," so a first for me as I helped to do this.
Love my handbag in the middle!!
Little E waiting for Daddy's help
Grandson lacing them up

A photo was also taken of the three generations pushing the covers on.  No doubt it will appear in my 2018 calendar!  I love these calendars which I receive every year because it charts the children growing up and the adults getting older!!

My Easter weekend has been spent making things and a small amount of gardening.  While I was in Cambridge my son gave me some of 'Dad's lilies'.  My husband died in July 2005 and it was extremely hot and we had a big container of lilies on the patio and the smell was absolutely wonderful and my sons still remember those lilies so I gave them some each.  Unfortunately my lilies died but the boy's have lived on and so I brought some bulblets back from Cambridge and planted them up.

Let 's hope they grow big with lots of lovely smelling flowers.

I decided that I had to make this kit up as Higham Piecemakers may make it in July.
A Craft Carry Caddy
...and no stitching
I bought the kit here at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year and the fabric is a Japanese print that I bought at Duxford Quilt Show in March.

Whilst I waited for the glue to set at each stage (I took my time to make sure everything was done right) I also made my April Mini Mania of 'Triangles'.
Just a sneaky peek

Finished with plenty of time to spare - hooray.  Oh and I have cut out hospital pyjamas and gowns as well for Pyjama Fairies, just got to make them up.

Phew - back to normal tomorrow!!


  1. Lovely post about your busy weekend. Like the photos of the covers being put on, as I grew up with a cricket mad father & still love the game. Imagine my other half & I watching Australia versus England. I'm an Aussie & he is a Yorkshireman!!! Love that craft caddy. Take care.

  2. Oh I do like that caddy! I', sure it will be well taken up at Group.
    There is always some payback when we go to our children's homes;0