Sunday, 18 February 2018


"Mum, are you free tomorrow as we are getting together in Cambridge"  So went the phone call I received late on Friday from younger son.  I was, and so we had a family gathering with elder son and the grandchildren all disappeared to play, as soon as they arrived leaving the adults to chat!! 

In the afternoon we headed to the American Cemetery on the outskirts of the City.  "Cambridge University donated the site and the British government authorised use of the land in perpetuity as a permanent burial ground without charge or taxation" and this is the only American World War II burial ground in the country.
Not my photo but it gives an indication of the layout

In this photo you can see the Chapel and Memorial Wall in the background.

Our first call was to the Visitor Centre, which hadn't been built when I visited last.  Very interesting and here are a selection of photos -
By the front door
Joseph Kennedy, older brother of JFK, lost at sea

I have added the next two photos in case any American readers can help

What a lovely idea.  We went outside, into the sunshine,
A bronze plan of the site.  The Visitor Centre at top right
 We paused by the flag
The flag honouring the latest shootings in the USA. 

and I admired the mowing of the grass in concentric rings.  Actually this is what amazes me from the road that skirts the site.  The hedges are immaculate ALL the time, absolutely square at the top and never an untidy branch.  All the memorials are crosses with the occasional Star of David - 

and we walked round the outskirts arriving at the Chapel.  On the huge outside wall -
A huge map of the UK with dots on it indicating where all the bases were

inside there are windows with each of the State's seals set into them 

and the doors have these plaques

A magnificent 3D wall chart showing the sorties, naval, flights and army that the Allies took part in after the Americans came into the war.  It was too large to get an better photo.
"Into thy hands O Lord"
Above the altar is a mosaic ceiling and this covers the whole ceiling.  We went outside
The Memorial Wall with its giant statues
Glenn Miller - "Miller Alton G - Major" -

- "AAF Band - New Jersey"

"Kennedy Joseph P Jr" - he was lost at sea

This is an incredibly moving place because they all have no known resting place.
The reflecting pools in front of the Chapel

You should visit if you are ever in the area.

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