Tuesday, 27 February 2018

"The Beast from the East"

No, we were not on some tropical beach with hot sun, but Camber Sands with us all well wrapped up in hats, scarves and gloves and thick coats, trying to avoid the biting easterly wind blowing all the way from the Steppes of Russia - The Beast from the East!!

The girls had frozen hands even after all this digging and I went for a walk and my eyes watered all the time; is this old age??!!  We were all glad to get home to a nice warm house and lunch.

That was Sunday in Kent, but on Saturday we went to Bedgebury which is a pinetum with plenty of things to do and I loved it.  There were so many wonderful trees and I love their shapes and colours.  I didn't know what to photograph next
A lovely feathery outline

The white bark of a Silver Birch
A wonderful tree  ......

... for climbing
The twisted shapes of rhododendrons
The branches of a tall Western Hemlock

Suddenly we saw this ....
... complete with a wart on the end of his nose!!

We visited what seemed like all the different playgrounds, including the Ant's Nest and the Spider's Web and then back home for lunch.  Once again the sun shone and the biting wind spoilt everything.

Earlier in the week Higham Piecemakers had their monthly 'All Day' and in February that means our Charity Day for Project Linus. You can see all the pictures on their blog but I used up scraps from my Thomas Cook fabric and made two in different sizes and backed in a patchwork of their fabric as well.

With my own fabric scraps I made four

and they are a real mixture, so they will be added to the final total. 

By the way my final total of PJs and gowns from the 40 metres of Thomas Cook fabric was 25 items and the two Linus quilts.  The fairly small bag of scraps left over will be sent back to them.

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  1. Love the tree photos, which I love photographing too. Wish I was still young enough to climb them, but not as game as when I was a child. I do believe that you may be getting lots of snow, as they are up North. Well done with the pj's. Take care & keep warm.