Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter jottings

I shouldn't really be writing this on Easter Monday morning because I had booked to go out on a gentle bike ride with a group at Stanwick Lakes, but because of the weather forecast and the torrential rain we have had that has caused flooding, it has been cancelled.  I am very disappointed.  If, and it is a big if, the weather improves this afternoon I might go out on my own.

However on a brighter note, on Saturday my son invited me to Cambridge for lunch. Brilliant I thought, I can arrive early and do some vegetable gardening, weeding and planting seeds and my early potatoes! No such luck; it was cold and damp and all we managed to do was clear the raised beds ready for planting when the weather warms up. 
Looking good

BUT I was absolutely horrified when I saw this bed -

last time I was in Cambridge this was a bed full of  growing broad beans and now it is just weeds and everyone has been eaten by something!!! I couldn't weed because I am still hoping they will sprout, but I couldn't see the plants!

The purple sprouting broccoli was in a similar state

but it should recover.

I had been told that in the afternoon we would be going to church to do the Easter garden but this was postponed until very late afternoon because of this -

and when we arrived at the church it was closed after the funeral, in preparation for Easter Services.  However we were admitted and the children helped with the garden for Easter Sunday.
They did a lovely job
I wandered around the church, where both of my grandchildren who live in Cambridge, were baptised.  Both baptisms were held as part of the morning family service and there was a German film crew at one of them.  We never did see any footage.
It was a lovely family day especially as we all went out for a meal afterwards.

I did promise to show you my Easter 'eggs' made for my four grandchildren -

The children have loved them but it may be because I enclosed some money in each wrapped up egg!!  Such fun to make.


  1. What lovely Easter Eggs, and such a keepsake

  2. The weather may have been against you, but you did well with the days. Hope the veg beds look better as the weather warms. What beautiful eggs & how clever to pop in some money. Take care.

  3. Shame about your bike ride and the veggies, but the Easter eggs look beautiful