Monday, 7 May 2018

Learning something every day

Before I start my blog here are two photos -
December 2017

Today - 7 May 2018

What a difference 5 months make and I love it.  Seeds at coming up in the greenhouse and tomatoes are looking good - wonderful.

Following the very muddy walk with 50+ Adventure Club written about last time my next venture out was 'Osprey watching' at Rutland Water (webcam). It was still very cold but fascinating as we started at the Visitor Centre and then wended our way out to the hides.
Cheating - downloaded from the TV in the visitor centre
The male posing for the cameras

Both on the nest with camera to left

The house in the background is Burley House

The following week I went on a Wildlife Wander with Nene Wetlands Visitor Centre in the pouring rain.  I have never been so wet!!!  However it was the most fascinating walk I have ever done.  We saw Cormorants nesting in the trees, heard all sorts of bird songs that I cannot remember but I did see this -
A Crested Grebe sitting on its nest

It looks as it the nest is sinking but is actually floating and when the nest is unattended they cover the eggs.  A great walk and excellent guides.

The next outing with 50+ was Footgolf which I played last year but at a different venue.  This one was at Cold Ashby and was hilly!!
Kicking off on the first tee
We each had a proper football and were in teams of 5 and though I personally was pretty useless, my team came second as some members could kick a football, which is an asset with this game!! 

The game is played in a similar manner to golf except the 'greens' are quite rough and holes take a football. 

The green is on the left and we had to walk up the hill and along the ridge to the next tee (note the silhouettes on the top right!!).  However there are advantages because the 8th hole tee'd off at the top of the hill and even my ball ran for a long time
...  and my ball just ran on and on and on  ....

down to the next green.  If I was playing golf (and I can!) this would have been one of my favourite holes.  Another great time with the club, especially after a good lunch in the golf clubhouse.

I popped out at lunchtime to day to see this plane fly over the town
The Hurricane from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 
then on to Irthlingborough to a fete where I saw these gentlemen 
Moulton Morris Men
 Do visit their site and watch their videos; this is traditional English dancing that should be kept going.  I love watching it, so I hope it does not die out.

Anyway the sun is shining and I must make the most of it as it may rain tomorrow!!  So no sewing/crocheting/knitting or anything else for me.

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  1. I can see why you are out and about after a long winter. The birds would have been just right for me too. The Morris dancers I've seen twice now whilst in UK & I love their dancing, which I definitely associate with England. Take care.