Sunday, 3 June 2018

More Bank Holiday jottings

Started Wednesday after the Bank Holiday - you will see why I have mentioned this later!!

Here in the UK we are still having reasonable weather for this Late Spring Bank Holiday; at the moment as I write this it is cloudy but muggy and we had heavy rain overnight, which is so good for the garden that is looking quite green.

I love hot weather (and loathe the cold) and as I was sitting on the patio enjoying the sun and the garden I realised that these needed a haircut
My Box balls
 I couldn't even get to the pond behind.  Note my sieve on the end of the pole for cleaning it and something peering out from under the right hand ball.
After a haircut and I can now see 'Duck'
However I had to clear the box cuttings out of the pond and straightaway I fished out a frog, and subsequently fished out a number of newts, common ones, but even so I know that with them around I will not have tadpoles as they eat them.  It still amazes me how they got into my pond because there are no ponds nearby.  I apologised to them and returned them to the pond. 

I was sorry to see this floating in the water on my bird table, having drowned.
Zygaena Carniolica or Crepuscular Burnet

Not a butterfly but a day flying Moth.

On a glorious Sunday morning I decided to cycle the route that I had to cancel last week due to a low battery and so for the benefit of my local readers I went to Yelden again, up the hill and down passed Melchbourne heading for Riseley.   I turned off and did a loop through Swineshead, back up the slow incline and then took this photo that is so familiar to cyclists -
Fast ride down with impetus to climb the next hill

I felt quite pleased with myself as I did this hill both ways with not too much battery!!  21 miles completed that day.  I find that I can now turn off the battery for quite long stretches so my legs are getting stronger. 

I had been told that there was to be a Flower Festival at Bolnhurst Church so I went over on Bank Holiday Monday to support them.
The kneelers

One arrangement
Some embroidery done by the Embroidery Guild

… more of the above
Continued Sunday 3 June

I am 'hors de combat' at the moment as I fell off my bike yesterday and have hurt my leg, so on instructions from younger son who is a qualified trainer, I must rest it and take the odd pain killer when needed.  I would rather have my teeth pulled than go to A&E as it is not broken!!

So the blog can be finished.

After giving the box balls a trim last weekend I was picking out little pieces when a bird flew out and there was this
I think that these are Blue Tit eggs
 and I was worried that she might not come back but last night she was back on the nest.
I went on an organised cycle ride yesterday and I was delighted to see this pair of swans and their babies.  This is why I love this time of year.

It was after I had left the ride and was heading home that I fell off!!  Luckily no-one around to see my downfall, but it as shaken my confidence a bit.


  1. I do hope you are on the mend & get the confidence to get back on the bike, other than that, maybe it will be like me & more walking. I get vertigo & can't ride a bike anymore, but luckily love walking & taking my camera with me, which quite often means a lot of photo stops along the way. If we are going for a really long trek, I forgo big camera & take a little one, as my mobile is very old & doesn't take pics. I too love seeing all the birds in Spring with their little ones. Have a good week & take care.

  2. Love riding round the local villages. Hope you’ll be back n the saddle soon!