Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Getting off Auto

From the title you may think that this is something to do with cars - well it is not!!

Some weeks ago a friend 'shared' a Facebook item with me that was just up my street; a photography course at Lamport Hall for those who needed to know more about their cameras.  So I signed up and boy, was it worth it.

It was pouring with rain and very cold when I arrived but luckily we were using our cameras indoors to start with as we turned them off the 'auto' setting onto 'A' for aperture; so it started.  I had heard about the 'f' setting and ISO and that little sign '±' in a box but didn't actually know what they did - but I do now and I am feeling rather pleased with myself!!!  AND I have it all written down in words of one syllable that I can understand.

By this time the rain was easing off and we went outside and started taking portraits.

I am not going to tell you all the 'rules' when taking photos of people but I liked this one and was given permission to use it on my blog.  Even the photos of me were quite good -

I didn't manage to take any decent pictures of the exercise on shutter speed but the following ones are all 'Exposure Compensation' which is that elusive '±' in a box.  Not an inspiring view but you can see three different exposures concentrating on the roof and clouds and what we wanted to accentuate - 
Nothing particular enhanced so this was '0'

Good clouds so '-1'

The clouds are over exposed so '+1'
That was an interesting exercise.

Next we were on our own  
Interesting sky

This should draw your eye in ….

and this one ….

Another big sky

Plants 'walking' across the photo

This is identical to the one below but ….

this has too much plain grass in the foreground!

By this time I was so cold my brain and fingers had frozen so back inside for a warm.  We then looked at each others photos and the expert commented (in a kindly way) and made suggestions for improvement.

I still have a lot to learn but I have definitely 'Got off Auto'!!