Sunday, 15 March 2015


I am writing my blog on my new computer, so that is the first first, so to speak.  I am staying with my eldest son G in Tenterden for Mother's Day weekend and my other son M and his family have been with us as well, so it has been a very noisy time with all the children; but great fun.
However getting here was not without incident. On Wednesday I smelt diesel when I left the car, so hot footed it round to the garage where they disappeared under the bonnet and then told me that it was alright to drive the car locally but not long distances. "Why does this happen when I am going away - can I hire a car locally?" I asked and then the lovely people at the garage said I could use their courtesy car for free!! Brilliant and so here I am in Kent.

Another first was seeing this on my son's bird feeder:-

G said that he had never seen a Jay on the feeder before and I certainly have never seen one so close up.

I was given my Mother's day gift early and don't my son's know just what I like (actually suggested by daughter-in-law, H) as they gave me a gift voucher to my absolutely favourite shoe shop, Moshulu, so of course I had to spend it.  I bought a lovely pair of shoes in my signature colour, red.  When I worked I wore business suits but always tried to wear red shoes just to be different and this has continued even into retirement.  I have got rid of all my black and brown shoes as to me they are so boring!!

Anyway after buying shoes I walked down the High Street in Tenterden and took these photos in the Spring sunshine.
Crocuses planted round all the trees
I go home tomorrow ready for a very busy week, but suitably refreshed after a long weekend away.
Thank you to my sons for their present.

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  1. Sorry about your car, but you manage to get away which is great, and the weather has been kind to you too, just look at that Spring sunshine.