Friday, 20 March 2015

The Eclipse and other things ....

This has been a busy week for me - back from Tenterden on Monday, a day with baby Will and his Gran'ma (my sister) who has just returned from a month's holiday in Mexico and Costa Rica and so a lot of catching up on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I spent the whole day sewing. At our Wednesday evening of Higham Piecemakers were going to have a 'Three Corners Evening' and my 'corner' had nothing finished and were winging it!!!

I decided that we needed to show something that evening so I made a scissor keeper -
Really useful
.. with pattern piece beside it

.. and I started a small sewing pouch. One of our group had won one in a raffle and so in true patchwork fashion we decided we could do better so two or three of us made an attempt at it. I am hoping to show this on a new 'tutorial' page when I have mastered it. However in the course of making the pouch I needed to make my own bias binding and this got me thinking again and so on the 'tutorial' page I will show how to make continuous bias binding. I learnt this technique years ago when you wrote on a stencil and then it was put through a roneo machine and my copy is still referred to when I forget how to do it!!

Thursday I went to Cambridge to work on the kitchen garden and managed to plant early carrot and beetroot seed under fleece. This will warm the soil of course but will also prevent the b****y muntjac nibbling the seedlings when they come up. I picked some purple sprouting broccoli but I think this will be the last if the weather doesn't warm up a bit.

Today I was up bright and early to see the Eclipse - so exciting, except the cloud cover was quite thick first thing in the morning, but suddenly I saw the sun through the cloud cover and could see the Eclipse starting. I decided to have a go at taking a photo and these are my attempts!
For this photo I covered the lens with two pairs of sunglasses so it showed up, hence the brown colour. 
However I am quite pleased with this photo. It was not a total eclipse in the UK, but the light cloud cover helped me to get a better picture.

Roll on 2017 for a full eclipse.


  1. Regret photos Carol! It's lovely to get into the garden again.

  2. Great photos, something to treasure, well done x

  3. Great photos Carol Wasn't it an eerie feeling!!

  4. you have had a busy week Carol. looking forward to seeing the tutorialsl.

  5. Fantastic pictures, easily as good as those I saw in the press!