Sunday, 1 March 2015

A frustrating day!

Before I explain I would like to thank this lovely lady who has kindly sent me one of her stands so that I can display my Christmas decorations. Thank you Josie.

The reason for my frustration is my new laptop. I went to Cambridge yesterday to buy it and also see my son and the family. The laptop that I am writing this blog on is getting very slow, some of the keys are sticking and I have had it four years now. BUT I love it and for the time being will carry on using it until I can understand the new one. I know that I will get the hang of it but I just do not have the time to spend trying to discover how it works. Baby Will's first birthday in ten days and I haven't even started his cushion yet.

Apart from buying the computer I spent lots of time on the kitchen garden and came back home with leeks and purple sprouting broccoli - yum. Mind you the d****d Muntjac has eaten the tips out of the autumn sown broad beans so I have had to take swift action to stop it. Hope they work. He has decimated the spinach but he doesn't like the autumn sown onion sets and has left them alone so they are coming on well

Meanwhile my son, M, was doing his own gardening - pruning and hacking back bushes. He has molehills all over his lawn (if of a squeamish nature read no further!) and so he had put down mole traps and was jumping around with delight that he had caught and killed two! I am always surprised how small they are- no more than about 6 inches (15 cms); those were definitely full grown and we were able to show them to the children. I did not see one until I was an adult.

Smocking on Friday afternoon was full on for me and I wondered where the three hours went. I am working on a special project that is top secret, that took up some of my time but I was able to start putting the finishing touches to my Christmas bauble that I hope will be finished soon so photos will follow.

Sorry this post is so short but put it down to having to learn about a new computer!!


  1. I lack the motivation to learn new computing skills and still use word 2003! Your decorations look lovely x

  2. Poor little moles, it's only a mud pile! Thats a nice way to display your baubles.

  3. We tried to get rid of Moles ( not quite as permanently as you) and it is frustrating to see those mole hills on the lawn, but the soil they throw up is really fine and good for your pots. Lovely tree for your deco's and a lovely lady for sharing.