Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wow 10,000 hits!

Before I start this blog I must thank everyone who looks at my blog as I have now reached the staggering total of over 10,000 hits. When I started writing this in February 2014 I wondered what would happen and I never envisaged this number in a year. Thank you, thank you every one of you wherever you are in the world - the UK, USA, France, Germany, Argentina, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, India etc - and the latest Singapore. I get so excited when I see all these different countries and I am hoping that you all find what I write about interesting.

But back to the blog and last time I was not happy because my car broke down and I missed seeing my family. Well early Monday morning, in the rush hour, I drove slowly, nursing the car round every corner and over every bump, to be repaired. Women drivers tend to have a reputation of not knowing what goes on under the bonnet (hood in USA), but on this occasion I had a very good idea of what was damaged and I was right!! Expensive to repair but it was done in a day and I collected it late Monday afternoon. Having an enforced day at home and missing my regular weekly Nordic walk, I managed to get on with a few crafty things.

Do you remember in the blog about my crocheted Duffel Bag, I mentioned I was making a basket: well it is finished and if I made another it may need some refinements, but I am pleased with the overall effect.

I have worked from three different patterns - the base came from a pattern Hoooked Zpagetti and this gave me the basic pattern.  I started with 40 chain using the rug wool  and crocheted the base in double crochet (dc) (English terms) and finally when I thought the base was big enough at about 13 inches (33 cms) I worked dc into the back of the loop below so that I could start building the sides. The sides were the same treble clusters from the duffel bag pattern.  
Not entirely satisfied with the base as it is wavy!! Good outside rim though.
The sides are about 10 inches high (25.5 cms) and I just crocheted on until I thought I had done enough.

Finally, using the Jolly Chunky Bag pattern from Attic24 I made the scalloped edge and bag handles. The finishing touches were the little flowers from the same website.

So here is my Tah Dah moment - 

Front - A little 'full' round the base, but aren't we all!! 
The back
I was going to line it but have had second thoughts and have filled it instead, with the odd scraps of yarn that we all have left. I shall also be taking it to quilt shows as a second shopping bag!!!!

Oh and by the way, next weekend I shall be having a second go at getting to Cambridge for either lunch or supper.


  1. Congratulations, that deserves a liitle prize. I have five of the jewellery stands you asked about in a couple of different designs. They were orginally from Sainsburys, I got 3 of them there at 90% off and I then got another two from car boot sales for 10 and 20p! One design is the one in my post and the other is a butterfly. The one you saw would be more suitable for Christmas. Do you want to wait until after Easter when my parents can bring it down from here and then meet you in Cambridge (they live in Ely and like to get their value out of the free bus passes!), or should I send it?

    1. No rush to get it so leave it until after Easter. Just a thought - you edit your comments before posting - I could send my personal email and then you delete it? Would that work?

  2. Love your bag....goodness you are getting good at the crocheting lark. Glad your car is repaired and you will soon be off lunching again

  3. The bag is great. Congratulations on 10K hits!!