Sunday, 8 February 2015


I love making floor cushions for children as I have this rosy picture of little ones sitting on them whilst watching TV, having stories read to them or even sleeping on them. Whether this actually happens, I am not sure!!  What I do know is that whenever my own grandchildren opened the very large parcel, they often fell straight on to them as they are so soft.

My youngest great nephew, baby Will, is going to be one in a few weeks time and this is when his cushion is due. I have a few ideas for the design, but like most of my projects the ideas will go round and round for a long time and then I will make it very quickly.

Here are a few photos of those already made:-

For the twin boys -

These 'transport' designs were taken from this book or the follow up book.

For two of my grand-daughters I decided on animals -

..and again for a great-niece but I appliqued the bear (I think!!)

This one is slightly different as I printed photos of J onto fabric and the other squares are log cabin, using lots of different children's fabrics which I love!

Now for the really complicated ones. A 'Mr Men' cushion using a technique I may have mentioned before and that I call back side applique. I draw the picture onto muslin or calico and then build up the picture sewing from the back. I do not cut anything away so there is a 3-D effect.

For a great nephew
Using the same technique for my grandson, it was the most complicated one I had ever done as there were so many small pieces and it was difficult getting the picture the right size for the blocks. This cushion is 8 years old so forgive any dirty marks as it is well loved!

I try to make everyone different and this is crazy patchwork using scraps of children's fabrics.

However if I see any lovely panels I will use these:-
For a granddaughter
 I used free motion quilting for both of these.

Dinosaurs for a great nephew
So watch this space for Will's cushion and I will try and take pictures as I go along.

Last night I went to a quiz in my sister's village and as I picked up my car from her home afterwards, an owl flew over very low hooting as it went and landed in one of her mature trees, where it carried on hooting before it flew back again.  I have NEVER heard one at first hand like this so this was a first for me - so exciting!!


  1. My goodness, you've gone cushion crazy Carol! (CCC!). Love the Mr. Men cushion. My grandchildren have theirs on their beds and use them for their night time stories. Makes me smile to think of them using them when I'm not there. X

  2. Wow! What a lot of lovely cushions and very lucky children. It's magical when you hear something like an owl first hand.

  3. They are all so amazing, I especially love the Mr Men and Thomas ones. They will all be loved and cherished for years to come x