Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Is Spring around the corner?

I went on my usual Monday morning Nordic walk, dressed for cold weather, but after walking at a fast speed, I had taken off my gloves and jacket and rolled up my jumper sleeves to show BARE arms. The sun shone and it was glorious.  As usual we walked though Stanwick Lakes where the paths are good, then over the River Nene at one of the locks, across the fields (which were wet and boggy) to Little Addington, through the village, and across the fields again back to Stanwick Lakes; in all a walk of 7 miles.

I did take a few photos early on when the frost was still around. I love the sun 

shining through trees which gives the ice a striped effect.

We particularly liked the effect of the ice here as it looks like a speed bump in the road with its sloping sides. A very strange phenomena. There was a heron walking among the dried grass in the background but was too far away to photograph even with my zoom.

Further on we looked out for the swans who gather early in the morning, in enormous numbers on this field of oil seed rape. They must eat the young plants.

Swans, but not as many as usual.
We also saw large flocks of Canada and Barnacle Geese feeding in the same field. Not sure what the crop yield will be this summer!!

Yesterday was my day for looking after baby Will in Bedford, and what a change from last week, when he was a poorly little boy. Very active and chatting away all the time in gobbledygook and only one dirty nappy all day - phew!! Although I went to school in Bedford, that was many years ago and so I am still feeling my way around. I decided to visit Waitrose for my free cup of coffee but it took me an hour to walk there as it was much further away than I thought! However DISASTER, they have just stopped the free coffee and you now have to buy a larger cup (or upgrade in Waitrose speak!) or a bun. Well after all that walking my option was a bun of course!!

Luckily I have now discovered that there is a bus route outside Will's house that goes to Waitrose, so I can use my free bus pass which is brilliant. In the afternoon I needed to find a bank - sorted, post a letter - sorted, buy a lipstick - sorted and so we walked home via a very nice little museum. My philosophy is that you cannot start too early with a little culture and though Will showed little interest in anything, he did enjoy he interactive dinosaur pictures. When summer comes along we might be able to walk up the Castle mound as it was originally a Motte and Bailey castle.

Embroidery class today and I have started making hundreds of French Knots. I will show and tell when finished!!


  1. Such a lovely walk around the lakes. Glad you found the bus route and your free bus pass, use it or loose it as they say.

  2. Thanks for sharing such stunning pictures of your walk x