Sunday, 15 February 2015

Good news out of bad news

Friday morning was Crochet class and after we had had a 'Show and Tell' session and started crocheting, we were advised that we could no longer meet at Poppy Patch. However with a little lateral thinking we sorted the problem and will now meet in each others homes. It does have a down side though; we have to limit numbers as we are currently a group of about 10 or 11.

Anyway I showed off my blanket made with wool from Attic24 and the pattern from Little Woollie.  It took me a long time but I thoroughly enjoyed making it and it is soooo heavy!!

Anyway here it is, not perfect, but I love it:-

I finished my Duffel bag with a drawstring and back straps. It was made from a pattern that our teacher J, had written and rug wool from Yarndale.

 It stands about 12" (30 cms) high and the base measures about 10" (25 cms) across. I crocheted treble clusters up the side and the base is a hexagon in double crochet. (English crochet terms) The drawstring is over 120 chains with two rows of double crochet and the straps were made from Attic24's crochet bag.
I added the two back straps so that I can use the bag when I go cycling and the group thought it might glow in the dark!!  I will be lining it though just to be on the safe side, as I don't want to lose a lipstick or anything else small.

I am currently working on a crocheted basket of my own design that may or may not be shown, depending on how it works out, but it uses up the rug wool!!

At Higham Piecemakers on Wednesday I spent the whole evening sewing hundreds of French Knots on my embroidery and I still haven't finished!!

We have our project day this week at Higham Piecemakers - all day for Monday ladies and evening for Wednesdays. We will be making 'Sensory Blankets/Aprons' for people with Dementia. I am working on it at the moment and this will feature on my next blog, but as a taster I am showing a little item that I picked up when I visited a new fabric warehouse, the Mill Shop, that the group have been raving about. I did buy quite a lot of fabric though!!
It only cost 20p and is very small


  1. it's sad that the crochet group won't be carrying on. I was hoping to join in soon :((( I do love your blanket. I have promised myself I WILL crack the crochet thing this year.

  2. Your blanket is splendid and lots of lessons learnt in the making. It's that a 'Jacobean' embroidery design....look forward to seeing more. Enjoy your.Wednesday evening, I did.