Thursday, 16 July 2015

This and that

This will be a shortish post as I am writing it in deepest Kent, where I am staying at my son's for a few days.

Horrendous journey yesterday as the police used the M20 to Folkestone as a giant lorry park (called stacking) because there was a problem with the Channel Tunnel.  This meant that all the slip roads to the motorway were closed and I had to drive cross country like everyone else, so the traffic was awful.  Still at least they have done away with toll booths on the Dartford Crossing of the River Thames and everything is now number plate recognition and payment online, which has speeded the crossing up - brilliant.

This morning I have been to Sports Day at L's nursery where she ran really well as her "fast button had been switched on!".  There was a Mummy's relay race and our 'Mummy's team' ran so well that they won and each were given a huge bar of chocolate.  We will enjoy eating some of it later!!

I have finished one or two crafty things.  I made two more of these:-

On the left is one for Ellie and I thought that B might like on and so the one on the right is blue for a boy.

I have finished my embroidery and had it mounted professionally here.  Apologies but the picture is slightly out of focus!!  This seems to be happening more often so I must look at the manual.

As embroidery class has finished for the summer, I wondered what to do next.  I rather fancied some goldwork - loads of bling - but in the end settled for Mountmellick.  I am slightly out of my comfort zone here as it is not delicate embroidery, which I actually prefer, but I have to try everything. 
I am pleased with my bullion knots that are on the left hand side.  They look like caterpillars crawling across the fabric!!

Now to take L for her swimming lesson and then later this afternoon I go and watch P at her tap class as it is the last before the holidays.  Should be fun and they grow up so fast.  I realised that this week, as it is 10 years ago this week that my lovely husband Chris, died.  It was a slight shock when I realised that B will be 10 in January (Chris died before seeing his first grandchild).  Double figures already and then a teenager.  Where does the time go?


  1. I'm having the same problem with my camera so do let us know if you find the reason. I recently dug our manual out but it was too basic and didn't help. I love your finished embroidery, good to have it framed too! Well done with the bullion knots, I have yet to try that, however I managed drizzle stitch on my doll so hopefully I will master bullion stitch. I am sorry to hear of your sad loss. The time has certainly flown by and you must miss your husband so much. Take care. Barbara xx

  2. The traffic anywhere around London seem to be getting worse and worse!
    Congratulations on finishing the embroidery. It is lovely and worth getting framed so nicely I am sure you will like the Mountmellick work. I grows quickly and has a lovely textured effect.
    Those snails are cute.
    10 years - my - it doesn't seem that long ago! xxx

  3. Like all things you turn your hand to those snails are beautiful, and I am sure your Mountmellick will be just as good. The embroidery is stunning and have to agree, well worth the cost of professional framing.