Friday, 3 July 2015

A hot weather activity?

It has been a very busy week and now that Wimbledon has started at least I get the odd moment to watch some of the players sweltering in the heat.

However I have to organise a cycle ride for the 50+ Adventure Club in September that I knew had to be decided upon this month.  After my own horrendous cycle ride of what should have been 30 miles I had to find something a little less taxing.

Bike secure on it's rack on the car, I set off on Wednesday with the temperature already soaring, but this had to be done.  I arrived at the car park adjacent to Pitsford Reservoir and thought how inviting the water looked, but it is not for swimming in when you see all the wildlife round the edge!!!
I was also trying an experiment!!!  I have cycle shorts and a gel saddle that I wore on the last ride and when I got off my bike my bottom was so sore that it lasted a few days.  So this time I did not bother with the shorts to test the difference.  It was lovely biking beside the reservoir with the occasional stop for photos -
They were fishing in the little dinghy on the right 
On the left just outside of my viewfinder there was someone wind surfing.  On I cycled leaving the water and going out into the countryside up hill (pushing my bike - I am no glutton for punishment) and down dale -
Big skies
until I reached this cycle way -
The way I had come -
The way I was going -
 and here is the signal box
Three engines waiting in the station!  Not sure whether they work
This station has a pub so I stopped for refreshment, but I wanted to press on before it got too hot, turned a corner and there was a hill that I had to go up, the longest I had seen all day, but luckily I could walk in the shade!!  However I was now on the home stretch and I pushed on.

I arrived back in the car park having pushed my bike up a few hills, cycled 11 miles, burned over 1,000 calories* and there waiting in the car park was a very welcome ice cream van just waiting for me!! 
I think it had my name written on it!!

If I had had a pen I would have drawn a sad face on this!
Oh and my bottom was more comfortable without my special cycling shorts!!  Home by lunchtime and spent the afternoon watching Wimbledon.

Yesterday I had to be in Cambridge to pick the grandchildren up from school, but before I went I did a little vegetable gardening and whilst walking past the pond saw a young grass snake on the edge of it that then disappeared into the rockery at the side -
This is not my photo but a 'stock' picture
My son was not impressed as he hates snakes!!

Tonight the 50+ Adventure Club have their annual BBQ and games evening so I am hoping that the rain, forecast for this evening, holds off.

* according to my Garmin Forerunner 10.


  1. We have riden that 'Hill' just once and felt as I we had climbed a mountain, so well done you, hope your mates enjoy the ride as it is a beautiful part of the county. Good photo of the grass snake but glad you found it not me x x

  2. That's a great cycle route, though it has been rather warm for so much excerise me thinks.....