Sunday, 28 June 2015

Cancellations and thanks

Friday morning was a little overcast as we set out on a new route for our Nordic walking.  I wouldn't normally be out and about on the last Friday of the month because that is smocking class day, but teacher, J, is on her extended holidays so classes were cancelled.

Meeting here we ordered our lunch at the café for later on and set off.  The start was a little 'hairy' to start with as we had to walk on quite busy side roads with no footpath, but as usual our organisers had it all worked out.  However we were cross when we had to limbo under a concrete post that had been put across the designated footpath - well actually we crawled on hands and knees' but difficult getting up at our ages!!

After that the going was relatively easy and once we were on the 'Nene Way' it was easy peasy!  I really wanted to do this walk as we went into an area that I have seen from a distance but never walked before.
Locals will probably recognise where we were as, of course, this is the main railway line between St Pancras and Nottingham, just before Wellingborough, where it curves over the Nene Valley.
I completely failed to get a photo of a train going over, and there were plenty of them, but I was always in the wrong place and when I was in the right place the camera was not on!!  Lovely 5 mile walk in glorious sunshine in the end.

Saturday was another sunny day and I managed to sit in the garden before my 'Kent' son arrived with the family.  Their eldest daughter, P who is 6, made this for me -
A Hama beads coaster for my coffee cup
She was thanking me for having made her a snail.  A lovely card.  We then headed for the small pocket park near me where there is a slide, roundabout and some swings.
However we were completely drowned out by a group of boys who had a small four wheeler with a lawn mower engine which they drove around very fast.  Fortunately it overheated or ran out of fuel - not sure which - and it was pushed away.  Thank goodness!!

Peace descended and we were able to play ball games and chat, which was good fun. 

They were all staying overnight as my son and his wife were going to a party, that included their cousins and my other son so I understand that a good time was had by all.  They did not get back until about 1.00am and have now gone home looking a little bleary eyed!!  I am as well as the children were up and playing at 6.45 this morning and Granny had to provide breakfast, but it was lovely to see them all.  I am off to Kent again later in July.


  1. Fab photos and a very cute coaster!

  2. Fab photos and a very cute coaster!