Monday, 8 June 2015

I am back again .....!! Part One

So much has happened since my last blog that I am going to spread it over a few days because otherwise you will all 'switch off' with overload!!

Sunday a week ago saw me on a Street Rally in St Neots with the 50+ Adventure Club.  This is one of the club's gentler activities and we were in teams of four people searching out clues about the town  ..
Is this the right church...?
.. No, it is this one!
The photo above shows J, with a very bad knee, really motoring down the street for clues to James Toller the giant of St Neots.

This was one of the clues:-

Isn't it a wonderful picture of the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland but used for advertising purposes!

After crossing the River Great Ouse it was down onto the water meadows for the final clue
Nearly finished!
and back to the Ambiance Café where we all met for a de-brief, coffee and a sandwich (not necessarily in that order), an escape from the rain that suddenly poured down and the gales that were blowing.  The organiser had been very politically correct and awarded a prize of a chocolate bar to all, so no-one was disappointed.

While I was there I got talking to a volunteer with Sustrans and as a result I seem to have signed myself up for a 29+ mile long bike ride next Sunday - HELP!!  I do have an ulterior motive for later in the year.

Monday morning was a Nordic walk and then I went straight over to Cambridge to work on the vegetable patch.  I realised that the Runner and French Beans needed planting out as soon as possible -

Photo taken on 20 May
so with the help of Ellie (there was a training day at school so both grandchildren were being looked after by Grandma) we made wigwams from bamboo canes and planted them out.  The French Beans are climbers which makes picking them so much easier.  Hope the Muntjac deer does not make a meal of them.

Tuesday was 'looking after great-nephew Will' day but I helped my other niece in Bedford plant out her garden.  It was grey and overcast with a strong wind blowing still, and though Will wore his wellies, they kept falling off and so his socks were soaked and rather muddy!!

Home in the evening and straight out to go to a HIFARS talk on 'Richard 111 and the Greyfriars Dig' given by Sally Henshaw of the Richard 111 Society.  It was very good and maybe I am changing my mind about him as I always thought he murdered the 'Princes in the Tower'I think that a trip to Leicester Cathedral is needed soon.

That is all for the moment but suffice to say that I have not touched a sewing machine, a sewing needle, crochet hook or knitting needle in the last week - just glad to sit down in the evening!!

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