Sunday, 21 June 2015

Secret Gardens

I have just returned from a visit to:-
Higham Ferrers

I have to say that I did not visit the more remote gardens and concentrated on the middle ones and the tea and cake!

I loved this garden bounded by one of the medieval walls found around the town:-
A lovely rose
 Next to my friends, J and B, where I loved this very tight headed Allium in their front garden.  It is smallish town garden and B is a fanatical gardener and has an established garden in 3 years.  Quite lovely.
Loved these Alliums
I then cut through to Chichele College (showing off a bit here as some of the land surrounding the town is owned by the Duchy of Lancaster) where they also had a 'Craft Fayre.'

A lot of photos to follow -

Inside the Hall
 I was in the Hall two weeks ago for a talk about 'Richard 111 and Greyfriars Dig' and it was very tidy!  No heating in the winter though!
The gallery at the other end of the Hall

The entrance open today and normally closed

The garden restored by the volunteers - beautiful

Exterior of the Hall
I finished my visits with few photos of the town -

The Market Square

The Historic Trail
Next destination was the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, the parish church.

An optical illusion - the church does not bend!!

The Chantry Chapel next to the church
I have managed to squeeze through that tiny little door on the right!!  People were a lot smaller when this was built.
The Cross
 and finally the Bede House

where Higham Piecemakers always hold their Exhibitions and the next one will be in September - got that publicity in!!


  1. Hope you enjoyed the Gardens and the Cake! There are some beautiful buildings around here

  2. Open gardens are always a treat, so glad the weather wasn't too bad.