Thursday, 25 June 2015

TLC - again!!

Before I get onto TLC - again, I am going to have a short rant!!!!

I have just come back from Cambridge where I have tending the vegetable garden and harvesting some great produce, carrots, broad beans, baby beetroot, spinach (planted last year) and radish, but the sight that greeted me under one of the covers made me mad!!
Nibbled perpetual spinach sown this year
The Muntjac had crawled in and eaten the plants at each end of the wire A-frame and left the middle, which it probably couldn't reach!!
The rest of the row was OK
What was quite interesting is that it quite likes some of the weeds as they have been nibbled!!  Happy with that.

Any way back to TLC - Twisted Log Cabin that I wrote about here and in May.  My first square was, quite frankly, and excuse the expression, a pig's ear!!
The original block
I made three more to go with it and then put them together, tah dah -
Whoops - spot the mistake!!!
What to do now as I was running out of fabric and needed to sort this out.  So I did what I always do - I unpicked it and started again.

Piles of bits, but would they fit?
Well here are the blocks finished and all pointing in the right direction and of course a huge lesson learnt!!  Think before you start.

 Finally the tah dah moment:-
The front -

the back
and the two items ready for the Cushion raffle at the Exhibition.

But what a contrast in using different patterns and colours.


  1. Your cushions are lively and you have certainly got the hang of the Twisted Log Cabin now.

  2. Just my colours Carol, love them. Shame about the veg patch.