Thursday, 11 June 2015

Granny duties ....! Part 2 continued

So onto the remainder of my busy time last week and this saw me down in Kent looking after my two little granddaughters, P and L.

This had been booked for months as my daughter-in-law was flying to Bermuda to spend a few days (well five sleeps) with an old school friend.  Lucky person as it looked lovely when we had a Skype with her.

P is in her second year at primary school and though L goes to nursery, Thursday is a non-nursery day so I took her for a walk round Tenterden whilst Mummy went to the airport driven by Daddy. My job was to keep her occupied!!

There are some lovely buildings on the High Street, though L was not particularly interested and wondered why I was taking photos!!

But she did enjoy herself when we got to the playground and immediately rushed up to this -

and I have since been told by P, that they are not allowed on these adult exercise machines!!  First Granny hurdle failed.

However I did redeem myself by sweeping the patio on Friday.  In the gales earlier in the week the flower petals from the Chestnut trees that line the recreation ground had blown into my son's garden in heaps.  They looked unsightly so I swept them up.

He loves gardening and his is looking particularly good at the moment after all his hard work -

They have two small kittens, only twelve weeks old, which are being introduced to the garden.  Coco, the tabby female loves it, but Kiki the black male brother is a complete wuss venturing just out of the door and then racing back in at the slightest noise.
Both kittens playing under a dolls pram!!
I think that they were both fairly traumatised when we had a thunder storm on Friday morning, but by the evening we were able to have my first barbecue of the summer and sit outside in the evening.  Very relaxing, though there were a few tearful sessions from the girls asking when 'Mummy was coming home'!

Saturday lunchtime I had to leave as my nephew and his wife were holding an afternoon family party, so back from Kent.  They have a pizza oven built in their garden and these were gobbled up by everyone as soon as they were cooked.  I didn't get home until Saturday evening and had to get ready for the following day, but that is another blog!!

I wonder if anyone can identify this shrub that I saw in Tenterden -

- I don't think I have seen one before.

More to follow in a few days  .....


  1. I think you'll find the plant is buddleia globosa

    1. Many thanks and it is not invasive - thank goodness.

  2. Busy week Carol. Looks like someone has solved the puzzle. Nice flowers!