Saturday, 30 May 2015

At last something crafty

Before I write something 'crafty' I must just mention gardening, which may be boring to some, but at this time of the year, I love.

One of my nieces has just had her garden tidied up ( I was going to call it landscaping but that is too grand!) and has a long border that needed planting.  She asked me to go with her to the nursery to buy some plants and I am always up for spending other people's money!!  Off we went here and I picked up a basket - soon full.  I picked up another basket - soon full!!  Finally we had a trolley which soon became full.  When we came to plant out they didn't take up much room but over the years I hope everything will grow well.
A lovely brick wall to grow plants over - how lucky!!

Shrubs and perennials  ...

.... and more
There is plenty of room to add other plants over the years.  My other niece who lives nearby has asked me to go the same nursery and we are going to buy bedding plants for two large planters she has.  Great - I love it!!
My neighbour and I went to our local garden centre to spend some vouchers we each had and it was a fun morning, rounded off with coffee and a chat.  Plenty of plants as well!!
In between tidying my garden I have also had classes.
My embroidery class finishes at the end of June for the summer so I suddenly realised that I needed to get my sampler finished before then.  If you have been following me you may remember that I was given it at our Christmas 2014 meeting and by April I had done this much -

I only go twice a month and don't always do any homework but now the end is in sight -
Only the leaf on the left to finish - long and short stitch
I am not very good at 'long and short stitch' and because of that I have left it until last which is probably wrong, but I will finish it within the next two weeks as I want to start something new, though I don't know what.  I rather fancy goldwork!
Friday was smocking and I have so many ideas and projects that I want to do.  I had pleated some cotton voile as I want to make a large Christmas bauble but before then I must finish this -
I always seem to pick hard projects and this is proving very slow as I am using three different threads in one needle - silver, red glittery and ordinary red cotton.  They tend to tangle, knot and shred so it takes me a long time but I am pleased with the almost finished result.
When finished the bauble will be inserted and finally finished top and bottom.  I need help with this one but it will be completed at the next lesson  ..... 
The colour not too good - it should be dark green and gold stitching
I will show the finished result for both baubles later in the summer as teacher is going on holiday for a month.
I have a very busy week coming up and so this will be my last post for about 10 days, but if I get time I will update.


  1. I love to spend time in the garden if the weather is being kind. Have a great breakaway. Xx

  2. Baubles looking great. enjoy your gardening I have been busy today on the garden

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  4. Love you embroidery, and the baubles are going to be something special. Enjoy the garden while the weather is kind. Have a good break x

  5. You are amazing! Your embroidery project is just beautiful and so is your smocking. Everything I do is much simpler so I really admire your work.

    1. Thanks Susan and I had a quick look at your blog. What a superb day out, I would have been in heaven!!

  6. Love the embroidery, Carol. It looks stunning. The smocked baubles are going to look great. X

  7. Your embroidery is simply stunning xx