Sunday, 17 May 2015


No, not that sort!  This is the ongoing saga of the Twisted Log Cabin that I wrote about here in April.

This is how I left it at the end and it was put to one side as I was rather busy, but last weekend I completed it.

I inserted a zip in the back and quilted the front:-

No wadding just calico on the back
I decided not to put wadding on the front as the seams are quite thick from the TLC; I sewed round the edges, remembering to leave the zip open, trimmed the edges, especially at the corners and hey presto, it is nearly finished.

I turned it through and pressed the seam so that I would have a neater finish -

and finally finished the edges off with some fancy stitches.  I chose the herringbone stitch for speed but I could have chosen any of the 50 stitches on my machine!!

By the way I sashed the edges with two strips on each side.  The first strip was using up the strips that I had left over from the TLC and then I had to think carefully what the second should be as by this time I was running out of the royal blue.  In the end I used two strips of each of the two colours.

At last it is finished and I am quite pleased with the finished result.

This is my contribution to the Higham Piecemakers cushion raffle at the exhibition of work in September! 

Now to get on with the next one - lime green and brown - not my favourite colours; but in the meantime the sun is out, gardening beckons and The Archers Omnibus is nearly finished on the radio!!

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  1. Well, you finally cracked the twisted log cabin and it looks really good. You deserve the garden break especially as the sun is shinning.