Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wildlife on the embankment

Just a quick update because I am feeling pleased with myself!!

Tuesday is a "Looking after Will day" in Bedford, so after a quick coffee with my niece, C, Will and I set off along the embankment beside the River Great Ouse to see what we could see!!

We saw these -
Canada Geese goslings

who took to the water with Mum and Dad to protect them.
Another pair with two goslings on the bank

After crossing the river we met a man who said there was a Grey Heron in the bushes so we went to have a look.  I thought it was on a nest but it wasn't -
Can you see him in this willow tree?
So a close up was needed -
I call this 'Having a scratch'!
Then I realised that it was about to fly so hastily put my camera on to 'burst' and hoped for the best.  I had lots of  photos of just the tree but managed to get these -

- so it was really worth the time I spent the other day, learning how my camera works!!

It landed on some grass a short distance away and I managed to snatch this picture before it flew out of sight again.
Having a shake or just dishevelled?
Well worth the effort I hope you will agree.


  1. Great photos Carol! You are right to be pleased!

  2. Wonderful, I love the quick burst on Mr D's camera, it gives you a good chance of catching something, well done you.