Friday, 22 May 2015

My 'Cambridge' Allotment

I have had a busy week and it is some days since I posted so here goes.  You will be getting another post in a couple of days as so much is happening at the moment.

My sister and I were supposed to go out together in Cambridge on Wednesday but she had to cancel at the last moment, so I decided to go anyway as I had some shopping to do.  My son lives very close to the centre of the city so free parking was on hand and with my bus pass the retail therapy cost me nothing.  This was topped off by a voucher for free cake and coffee at this store and look at its address - 10 Downing Street!!!!  Not the one everyone knows though.

After the shopping I decided to catch up on the 'allotment' at my son's garden.  If you have been following this blog you will know that we battle against the usual garden pests including a Muntjac, which eats everything in sight.  However I also have to contend with these ....
Bushes growing in the middle of the plot and a mound of spent pot compost. Spinach under the cover

I do have a small corner in the greenhouse ...

Hanging baskets waiting for fine weather

Sweet corn, pumpkins, courgettes and various beans all growing in toilet roll insides!!

that is proceeding nicely and I don't need to worry about watering as they are done when everything else is.  Toilet roll cardboard insides are saved through the year and will go straight into the ground when planted out - a great money saving tip I was given years ago.

I did some weeding as this is one of the penalties of not getting there often ....

Beetroot to be covered

Carrots - to be covered

Nibbled radishes - uncovered!!

checked the grapevine that has been tamed and trained at last ....

Tiny bunches of grapes - hooray!!

I also checked the lilies ...

'Dad's lilies' in bud

My husband died in July 10 years ago, and the lilies on my patio were in full flower and smelt heavenly so I gave each son some to remember him by.  I nurtured mine and they died, these are neglected and look how good they are and not a Red Lily Beetle in sight - it's not fair!!

By this time I was keeping an eye on the clock because rush hour in Cambridge (which starts about 3.30pm) is H*** and I didn't want to sit in a traffic jam.  However as I was driving along the Fen Causeway it was looking lovely with a mass of Cow Parsley and it warranted a photo.  I know a small free car park and luckily found a space and took the following:-

Looking toward Fen Causeway

The River Cam winding through the water meadows to Grantchester
Can you see the sheep in the trees?  Those are not swans but geese

One standing on one leg and the other drinking!!
 ... and finally I walked along the path and no sounds except for the birds; it was lovely and so close to the city centre.
What a tranquil spot.


  1. The garden and the countryside is looking so green and fresh. I don't remember Cow Parsley from when I lived here before, but I do know it as Queen Ann's Lace, a beautiful flower to embroider, and so abundant at this time if year.

    1. I also know it as 'Keck' which is a country name I think. It has masses of seeds so spreads quickly.