Sunday, 26 July 2015

Food and Fibre

With the combination of rain and sun the garden, both my greenhouse at home and my 'Cambridge allotment' are becoming very productive.  I was in Cambridge to do some gardening last week and collect my week's supply of produce.  My son was having some new double glazed windows installed and though everywhere seemed covered with dustsheets, the dust seemed to have got in everywhere.  Coward that I am, I left them to clear it up but had a change of heart this morning and volunteered my services.  However I was assured all was cleared up and I was not needed!!  Thank goodness as I felt very guilty.

This was about 12" long and tasted delicious
Baby beetroot including a white one
 I have grown mixed colour beetroot as a change.  I have not been able to tell the difference between red and pink beetroot but the white ones taste good!!  I cook them either boiled, removing the skins when cooked, or roasted, with the skin left on.  Last week I brought home potatoes, carrots, broad beans, more beetroot and perpetual spinach.  Should keep me going for a few days. 

However yesterday, with friends from my crotchet group, I went to Fibre East and what I fun time I had!!  I felt like a child in a sweetie shop when I walked into the first tent!!

 Stalls and stalls of the most wonderful wools, from so many sheep, alpacas and dog!!!  Yes there was a fibre from a dog that had been spun and knitted.  Amazing!! 

I didn't know where to start but it was very evident that sock wool was the fashion and I bought a pattern and some wool:-
I could not bring myself to spend £15 on a skein of wool for a pair of socks so I went for this much cheaper wool (75%) and acrylic (25%) mix knitted on a circular needle from the toe up.  Last time I made a pair of socks (knitted top down on four needles) they were too tight round the top and nearly cut off the circulation to my toes!!  Maybe this will be better.  The pattern was bought with a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres and I must admit that I have fallen at the first hurdle; I could not work out how to cast on with a circular needle, but luckily the pattern has a very good Youtube connection (once you get passed the advert)!!!  I shall have another go.

Some of us in the Crochet group are going to have a go at this shawl so though I originally bought this wool for the socks, I have had a change of heart and will use  it for this project as it thinner and lacier.
You will now see a pattern of colour emerging - purple(ish)!!  Nothing subdued for me as I have reached the age for a 'purple hat'.

Finally, having got home from the show I was so full of enthusiasm that I made these last night for Attic 24's Yarndale 'Flowers for Memories project'.
I might make some more as the pattern for the smaller ones is so easy.  I put brooch fixings on the back of some and a bead in the centre of the others and all before I went to bed!!!!  Come on, if I can make these in a few hours so can you and the project is such a worthwhile cause.


  1. I just love beetroot no matter how it's cooked and beetroot sandwiches are so tasty. The Fiber East expo. was fun and I for one can't wait to see what folks produce. Love the little flowers, you certainly are prolific x x

  2. Our beetroot are coming on nicely and this rain will help no end. love the flowers.
    Had a really nice day at Fibre East